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Filing Cabinets – not just for accountants!

My dad is a chartered accountant & owns his own practice. I can remember spending many a school holidays, earning my pocket money by filing away tax returns for all my dads clients.

It was a mindless task and to keep myself engaged – I would create ‘games’ for myself – I would time myself on how quickly i could locate a client file…or try and guess the next initial of the next file. Despite my fingers stained with black ink, I would smile proudly knowing that I had earnt myself a enough money to purchase a new subscription to TV Hits or a CD Single of Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart will Go on”….oh! the days of filing.

Not in my wildest dreams did I think that one day I would be day dreaming about the beauty of filing cabinets.

With industrial chic increasingly becoming  more and more popular in interior styles, these old vintage cabinets are becoming more valuable.

I think they are gorgeous – not only are they functional, but they hold a sentimental meaning for me.

Check out these beauties…

(Image via HelloFutureHouse)

(Image via Number Nineteen)

(Image via Bodie & Fou)

(Image via Bodie & Fou)

(Image via Pinterest)

Learn how to make this by clicking on the link below!

(Image via Curbly)

Filing…not so boring!