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This makes me weak at the knees…

Ice-Cream + Design = My type of porn (not literally…ofcourse!)

Ice-cream and design are definitley are somewhere at the top of my ‘Happy List’ (other things include; taking a nap after a big lunch, dancing to Beyonce in my bedroom, laughing so hard that I’m not making any noise and the smell of fresh laundry – yes, I am a wierdo)

I especially love the look of freshly scooped ice-cream & obviously love the taste even more!

The love for ice-cream is unavoidable. It is in my genes. With my grandmother passing away 3 years ago, one of the ways my grandfather worked through his grief, was by learning how to make home-made ice-cream (I definitely recommend this as an emotional/creative outlet!)

It tastes absolutley AMAZING. He asked for flavour requests – to which I responded ‘Bailey’s’….Not before long, 2L of Bailey’s Ice-cream was served to me after dinner. Not going to lie – it did ‘burn’ my throat & I ended ‘stumbling’ out the door 4 bowls later….only to find out he had poured 2 bottles in it!! Luckily…I was not driving.

My favourite thing to do (still today) is to stir ice-cream really hard so it becomes all melty…then dribble ice-magic on top (just want to shout out to the inventor of chocolate ice-magic – you have made my life better).

Gelato is all in vogue at the moment. I feel it has trodden on the traditional ice-cream waffle cone. What I do love about Gelato (besides the taste…my flavour of choice is Tiramisu) are the range of pastel colours it possesses. My prediction is that neutral colours with pops of gelato & sorbet colours will be the next interior trend…

Anyways, by now, you should know how much I love all things design.

Anyways, you can just imagine my excitement when I saw these new amazing images by Metalab. Momentarily, I lost my breath. I went at the knees. My heart started palpitating…fast.

Isn’t this divine…just makes you want to lick the drips of ice-cream off that random’s fingers…or maybe not!


A pop-up Italian ice cream stall at St Martins Lane Hotel in London evokes the seaside with yellow beach huts and striped decking.

(Image via OneSydneyRoad)

(Image via Dezeen

(Image via Design Seeds)

Ice-cream lights…yum!

(Image via  jimonlight.com)

Ok…I am hankering for a bowl of Cookies & Cream – Is it bad if I eat ice-cream for dinner?!

Don’t judge me.