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My thumb is…not so green.

I should know that I was not born with a green thumb. As a five year old girl I spent hours ‘weeding’ our garden. To my dad’s horror, I had not pulled out any ‘weeds’, but instead I had successfully removed his entire herb garden.

Last week, 21 years on I thought I would give it another shot. I purchased a beautiful basil plant form the markets. I named him Bertie. I lovingly watered him everyday….only to wake up this morning to….this…
Wilted. Crisp. Dying.
I tried to resuscitate him. But, now I have a feeling I have  drowned him….

My failure to facilitate Bertie to thrive, prompted me to think of the use of herb gardens & indoor plants. They add colour, visual interest and life (literally) into any space. Aesthetically, I especially love succulent’s. Plump, fresh and textured. A beautiful addition to any dining table or kitchen bench.

In recent times, I have seen an increasing use of terraniums. They are an excellent way to integrate a sense of nature into an interior in a clean and minimalist way. Enveloped in glass, they create ‘neat’ lines and are not messy.

According to Feng Shui, plants emit a positive energy, because they cleanse the air and contribute to the positive flow of chi throughout a house.  If not for their aesthetic, functionally plants are great as they can purify the air.

Succulent, herbs and other plants  do not need to be showcased in boring plastic buckets – instead they can be displayed creatively.

(Image via tumblr.com)

A cute way to display plants – in an old medicine cabinet.

(Image via sweetpaulmag-digital)


(Image via Flickr)


Green against the raw wood – love.

(Image via Flickr)

(Image via restorationhardware.com)

Hanging plants add an extra dimension and depth – they challenge the visual balance of the room.

(Image via apair-andaspare.blogspot.com)

(Image via Pinterest)

(Image via nowserveme.wordpress.com)

I think I need to sign up to a few gardening blogs. Learn the basics, once and for all.

OR…just stick to cacti.

Happy Sunday nigt.

N x