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I’m a self-confessed hoarder…

If you looked under my bed, you would assume that I could be the next contestant on the TV show ‘hoarders’.
Before your mind gets too carried away – I am not some freak that collects ex-boyfriends toenail clippings or belly button fluff in a jar…
Over the years, I have seemed to have collected piles and piles of magazines. I admittedly am holding on to the illusion that I will revisit images or stories that I have fallen in love with.
It never happens.
Instead, they collect dust and are usually shoved under my bed.
Working at Indesign Publishing has definitely not helped my situation – Habitus & Indesign are gorgeous magazines…check out their websites. if anything it has fuelled my love for magazines even more. I love the escape magazines offer. In my eyes, digital versions are no comparison.
I’m not a total design snob – yes, i am obsessed with architecture , design & interior titles….But  Yes, I am ALSO guilty of devouring a good trashy mag – I can’t resist the the headlines when standing in the queue at woolies; “One Direction – Harry father at 18″….”Angelina spins a globe to choose the origin of her next child “.
I believe that magazines command a special type of attention – they offer a holistic sensorial experience – the distinct smell, the satin feel of the pages, the intense combination of colourful images and captions. They are easy to digest (not literally, I mean the information is easy to digest!). They are accessible. They are comforting.
Magazines are associated with relaxation and stillness. I always reach for a magazine when I know that I have time. Time to sit down. Time to make a coffee. Time to engage and fully immerse myself in the images and words.
They offer a distraction, an escape, a refuge from the ‘real world’.
However, after some scouring of the net, I have realised that piles of magazines do not need to be stashed under my bed & hidden away in shame – instead, they can be displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner – adding some visual interest into a living or bedroom space!
Check out some ‘hoarder’ inspiration below…
Magazine interior design
(Image via Nordic Design) 
interior design magazine
interior design magazine
(Image via Pinterest)
piles of magazines
 (Image via ffffound.com)
Magazine Pile by Convoy via Vosgesparis
interior design magazine
(Image via Pinterest)
OK, I better head off…I’m going to laneways festival….yeeewww!!!
N x