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Leaving Indesign.

This is my last week working at Indesign.

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such inspiring, creative and talented people.


It has been a pleasure going to work every day.


From a personal perspective, the last couple of years have been emotionally turbulent, however working at Indesign has been a constant. Honestly, at times it was the thing that kept me ‘going’. Whilst other parts of my life were completely chaotic, Indesign was the one thing that remained stable.


You are probably wondering; “why the hell are you leaving then?”


My intuition tells me it is time for me to take the next step onward and upward. Take on a new challenge. Start a new chapter. Push myself. Test my limit. Move beyond my comfort zone.


I will miss the Surry Hills community – Arthur Street Kitchen, Bourke Street Bakery, Gnome, Organix (best banana smoothies).


I will miss being surrounded with beautifully-produced high quality magazines.


I will miss the crazy dance parties on Friday nights (when ‘Brown Sugar’ aka my alter ego emerges…)



But, most of all I will miss the belly-laughs and ridiculous banter with my colleagues, who I now consider to be my friends (hopefully life-long).


Admittedly, I am a little nervous of what lies ahead….Am I good enough for my new role?  Will my new colleagues like me?  Just the usual questioning with a touch of self-doubt. I guess the important thing is that I am determined and motivated to take on this new role!


I view my life as a train. I make various stops –  people jump on and stay on for the ride, other’s disembark when they have taught me certain lessons. I also get off at certain stops, take a walk around and learn new things…I then get back on the train…



I am ready for my next stop.


Indesign has exposed me to so many inspiring designers, architects and creative individuals.


My friends at Indesign have taught me the importance of living a wholesome and meaningful life.


Working at a publishing company has been an amazing experience – one which I will always remember with only fond memories.


To celebrate my love for magazines (especially Habitus, Indesign and DQ)…here is a round up of some innovative ways to display magazines.


magazine stand
magazine display
(Image via Pinterest)
magazine display
(Image via Cush & Nook)
(Image via Designspiration)
magazine rack
(Image via Bloglovin)
Goodbye Indesign….it has been awesome.

The (orgasmic) event of the year…

All bias aside, this weekend I went to ‘the event’ of the year for all Design Lovers (in Australia).

Furniture. Showrooms. Crowds of Design Hunters. Mulled wine. Paella. Taps. Bathtubs. Art.

This year it took place in Melbourne (next year it will be in Sydney!)

Saturday In Design. (Hosted by Indesign – the company I work for).

7000 design hunters. 70 showrooms. 7 glasses of wine….every hour!

The event works like this:

* There are set preccincts in Melbourne (ie. Richmond, Collingwood etc)

* Commercial/Residential companies open their showrooms.

* They transform their showrooms and spaces, being inspired by ‘the theme’ (this year it was: Activate). They serve amazing food and even more amazing drinks (from botanical gins to mulled wine).

* Buses take scores of people around to the different showrrooms over the weekend.

* In the evening, we let our ‘hair down’ and have a few (too many) wines. This year they had organic gin infused with ‘Botanicals’ ..very interesting. After 4 of those..i don’t remember how it tasted!

I was honestly in my element. Admittedly, it was hectic (and very tiring) going to each and every showroom, ensuring all the clients were happy.

Best part about my job is that it never feels like work!

One of the best parts of Saturday in Design for me, was the installation art pieces. I love, love, love installation art. I love the way it has the capacity to envelope your complete being. It often forces you to readjust your perspective. It has a way of tickling your other senses, thereby making sight secondary. Whether you just want to reach out and touch something or transport you into a semi-meditative state via the sound an intallation piece can emmulate.

An amazing installation at Satrudau in Design was doen by Earp Bros – they are a tile company….Ket’s face it, tiles are not the most exciting thing, however they cleverly created a light & sounds show onto the tiles in a darkened room. I was immediatley transfixed and ultimatley sat for 5 minutes watching a bunch of tile son a wall…I genuinely felt like I had been entertained. OK, so it was no Destiny’s Child concert, but still…. best god damn tiles I have ever seen!

Here are some of my pics….

And here are some other awesome installation pieces I have found!

(Image via Pinterest)

(Image via Tumblr)


From greenfield-studio.com


(Image via Dornob)

The Lovers (Jetée) by Neomie Goudal

(Image via weepling)

(Image via From berndnaut.nl)

A people sculpture!

(Image via From khooll.com)

Ok, I am very sleep deprived…so over and out! Hope you enjoyed.

N x