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Inside Out…Outside In.

 [A house] is a tiny glimpse to a comprehensive summation of how one chooses to live. It is always, in some way, an industriously contrived portrait of the self”

I stumbled upon this article today on Architizer  and it resonated with me. It’s one of those articles you read & can’t stop thinking about – it discusses how a house is medium of self-expression.

I too, believe that inside your home you are your true self; you relax, you let go of inhibitions (yes, I too am guilty of casually wandering through my house naked!) and you gain a sense of pure safety – the outside elements of the world suddenly become distant; your home becomes your ‘bubble’. Inevitably and sub-consciously, your home is an expression of your true-self.

See below for Architect Moon Hoon’s latest work – an eye-catching pink and white candystripe exterior, which hides the seven-stories that reside within.

I love the way it contrasts the surrounding environment – in everyway possible…colour, shape, form, texture….

Glowing yellow light against the pink…makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside!

You would definitely not expect the interior to look so modern, bare and…white!

(All images via Architizer)

Just a little bit of quirkiness for your Friday afternoon…hope you enjoyed!