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Nothin’ but Net.

I’m not going to apologise, but in all honesty I am not sorry. I haven’t blogged for a few days & it may be a few more days before I can blog again (i’m posting this after hours at work!)

Our internet at home has been down. And will continue to be down for another week. Something about having to switch internet suppliers and…churning of information.

In all honesty, being internet-free at home has been quite refreshing. It has been good for my soul. I feel somewhat calmer. Instead of checking my ‘likes’, aimlessly google searching or going through the paypal ‘checkout’  – I have been reading a book, baking and to satisfy my intense cravings of beautiful design…. I have been flipping through magazines.

Net. The predominant meaning used to be aligned with bridal head wear, a little boys fishing equipment or threads loosely woven together. Nowadays mention the word ‘net’ and there is an instantaneous connection to the world wide web.

Following my theme this week of ‘bringin’ old skool’ back, I have explored ‘net’ the way it used to be. When times were simpler. And net was equated to mesh.

(Image via theluxhome.com)

(Image via google.com)

(Image via Tumblr)

(Image via designsponge.com)

(Image via ffffound.com)

(Image  via myparadissi.com)

Ok, better be off….going to the theatre tonight!

Not so boring: Carparks

Grey. Lifeless. Boring. Cold. Concrete.


They are literally functional spaces. You park your car, you get out (unless ofcourse you are a pre-pubescent teenager…loiteringi n the carpark – drinking some bacardi breezers with the opposite sex!).

They are also a space which is unavoidably accident prone. Yes… I speak from personal experience. Last year, I backed my yellow car into a yellow column in my work car park – in my defense I thought the yellow column was an extension of my car…it was dark…it was a friday night….the impact smashed my whole back window – I had turned my car into a convertible. I can assure you – it WAS NOT on purpose.

I don’t even want to start on shopping mall carparks – whilst they have a little more ‘colour’…it is purely for symbolic purposes – to help you can (apparently) ‘find’ your car. That’s a lie – I always still lose mine…or see someone else looking for theirs.

But – I ask the question – do carparks have to be so boring? Apparently not – check out this cool car park

The latest in a spate of large-scale art installations by the New York-Sydney duo of Craig & Karl is the basement garage of a boutique residence in Sydney’s Darling Point, designed by Marsh Cashman Koolloos (MCK) Architecture and Interiors. The project objective had been to “breathe new life” into the concrete underground car park devoid of natural light, and the artful pair has accomplished this with broad dashes of color and clever use of geometry. An inexplicable manhole surreptitiously takes point in this floor to ceiling mural, posing as the center axis of a windmill or color spectrum chart with colored ribbons that instinctively lead in from the driveway, through the space, and out to the garden and beyond.

(Image via The Cool Hunter)

(Image via openbuildings.com)

How cool is this?! A makeshift library in a carpark (Located – Brisbane, Australia)

(Image via Pinterest)

So next time as your feel ‘carpark rage’ taking a hold of you…Stop. Breathe. And get inspired by the concrete slabs – if you could design a unique and innovative carpark…what would it look like?

Over and Out.

Happy Sunday!

Survived Day 2 in the new job – Office Inspiration.

My brain is fried. Officially survived Day 2 at Indesign.

I have definitely hit the ground running – but I already feel very comfortable (the people are super friendly) and the office space is very relaxed and inspiring. Piles of design magazines lay around the office and we even have a sausage dog called Stella that guards the door.

Sitting at my new desk…I’ve been thinking about the ways in which your work environment can really impact the way you work. Decided, I would spend some ‘down time’ looking at some unique office spaces around the world…

Office made out of shipping containers. Loving the bright yellow colour and glass windows.

(Image via The Roxor)

Yes, Im sure you have seen the google office on the internet thousands of times – but still….I just cant get over the slide. Although one must ensure their work outfit is ‘slippery slide appropriate’ – no short skirts girls (or boys)!

(Image via The Roxor)

(Images via The Cool Hunter)

Skype’s On Cloud Nine In A Historical Brewery, Stockholm, Sweden. Bold geometric shapes and patterns – can only lead to inspiration! The fresh, modern lines with funky shaped chairs reflects to Skype’s playful spirit.

Electric blue. Stunning. I think I could do some of my best work sitting in this space.

(Image via

I love this office space, design for a Turkish Ad Agency. It is actually an old barn which has been transformed into a contemporary space – however it retains  elements of that historical character.Individual workspaces are enclosed in glass.

(Image via contemporist]

In all honesty, don’t know if I could concentrate with a timber tsnaumi above my head. Nevertheless, pretty innovative and texturally interesting.

(Image via Kira Interiors)

OK….i am mentally exhausted. Time for bed…hmmm…wonder what cool designs for bed’s there out there – will save that for another day!

Caught my eye – Jill Ricci

I just couldn’t help sharing this…I came across JIll Ricci & immediately was captivated by her work. They sucked me in….big time.

I love  her composition of layers and colours, they evoke a contradictory and simultaneous  sense of realness and fantasy.

Jill Ricci is an artist from New Jersey – “One of the most arresting visuals for me is an old wall layered with papers, graffiti and text- our modern hieroglyphics. I try to re-create this beauty in my work, the layers of time and decay are what interest me. I hope that the person viewing my work will linger, trying to discover hidden imagery and text and depending on their life experience, find their own meaning or interpretation”


I can imagine this work sitting against an exposed brick wall in a New York loft apartment – it has a ‘globe trotter’ feel to it – the shapes take me back to Morrocco, the graffiti back to Berlin and the decorative paper to Vietnam – Ricci’s pieces can take you on an imaginative journey around the world.

Check out Jill’s work here – it is truly inspiring.


(All images from Jill Ricci)

Hope you enjoyed!