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vintage temple bells

Ring my bell.

The plan was to meet my friend at her house and then walk up King street together to grab a coffee.

Her house is located in cute lane way in Newtown (opposite the kitchen of Dominos Pizza).

Her house does not technically have a front door (the front segment is commercially-leased out and is currently a beauty salon).

Her house does have a high back gate (comes complete with tangled barbed wired).

I scanned her back gate for an electric doorbell. An intercom. A old school bell. There was nothing.

My phone had died. It was 30 degrees.

So, I began yelling out her name…loudly. I repeated this for 3 minutes. No response. I decided to change my strategy and commenced thumping the gate,  first with my hand….then with my foot. No response. I then decided to try and climb the fence. I did a running jump (spider-man style). But there was nothing to grip onto. I fell to the ground. My skirt was up near my face.

The domino’s pizza delivery man came out of the kitchen, looked at me quizically and asked; “what the hell are you doing?”. To which I responded, “my friend lives in this house, my phone is dead, I’ve tried calling out and I’m not sure what to do next….”. He told me to try and walk through the beautician. Genius.

I entered the beautician and awkwardly explained my ‘situation’. She allowed me to shuffle through the salon. I smiled at a client who was getting her laser treatment done and exited into my friends back garden.

Still…there was no doorbell or sound mechanism to alert her attention at her back door. I yelled her name some more. Finally after 5 minutes….she came down, “Nix, you are late…where have you been?”.

Sweating. Frazzled. Thirsty. I just stared at her…”No coffee, we are getting a bottle of wine”.

I guess, this whole situation made me realise the way the mobile phone is increasingly replacing the doorbell. When waiting or aproaching a friends front door…you just call them. Alerting that you are out front. It is only when you go to a stranger’s house that you really need to have a door bell in place…otherwise you just call.

There are even phone apps which you can ‘answer’ your doorbell remotely.

It makes me a little sad. I remember when I was growing up (the days before phones), when people would ring the doorbell and my sisters and I would race to the door, so curious to see who it was. The suspense. The mystery. I also remember this one time, when my dad was tinkering with the door bell wiring and set it off….for 45 minutes (no exaggeration) our doorbell was on repeat. The dogs were going crazy. Mum was yelling at Dad. We were yelling at Dad. Poor Dad. Four girls just staring at him and telling him to fix it.

My guess is that it will not be long until even doorbells are completely redundant. People use their phones to call.

Doorbells are a part of the home that often get ignored and forgotten. Many homeowners simply inherit the doorbell choice by the previous owner or home builder and never think to customise or change it. Whilst it may seem like a trivial item, it can be embraced to reflect the homeowners personality or aesthetic.

The electronic doorbell was invented by an American Scientist, Joseph Henry in 1831. Doorbells have evolved from buzzers to musical chimes in the early 1900s. Musical chime doorbells even emerged as a popular fad in the 1930s! Today in Australia, majority of homes either use an electronic bell or a solid brassknocker. From a personal perspective, I prefer the look (and sounds) of old-style bells.

Whilst, they may not have the accoustic quality or technology to be ‘heard’ throughout the whole house, I believe they are the perfect addition to the front door. I love the simple mechanics that require exertion of human energy to create a rich and vibrant sound.  In a world where we are constantly surrounded by gadgets, touch screens and electronics I believe that there is great value in the physical act and the ritual involved in ringing a bell. Admittedly, I am such a nerd…but I always get excited when I see a vintage cow bell or an East-Asian ‘gong’ instead of the stock-standard door bell. It is the perfect way to foster a positive experience when arriving at someones front door. It is a bit of a shame, that the traditional mechanical bells have increasingly been replaced with the electronic version over time.

Bells are beautiful. Aesthetically they embody such a strong form and shape. Vintage bells symbolically represent a certain historical period or culture. Without human touch, they remain silent. But with it…they come to life and create vibrations that sing!

Have a look at these beauties…

bells interior design

(Image via Habitat Design)


vintage temple bells

(Image via Worldsenz)


interior bells

(Image via Pinterest)


interior bells

(Image via Pinterest)


temple bells


(Image vis Bewitched)

temple bells


(Image via Etsy)

interior design bells

(Image via Dreamy Whites)


interior design

(Image via Crushculdesac )

Take a good look at your door bell..what does it say about you?!

Happy long weekend!










tartan design

My Highland Fling.

I was a prefect.

I never got a detention.

I played sport. I debated. I was in mock-trial.

I actually loved…. school.

And yes…I was not a loner, I did have plenty of friends.

I guess you could call me a nerd. A teachers pet. I just loved the rules. The routine. The familiar safe environment.

One of my greatest memories of school was being in the choir for 13 years.

Yes…for 13 years I was a high soprano.

We went on ‘Choir Tour’ singing in churches and streets all over Europe – UK, Austria, Hungary & Wales.  We sang for the Chinese President when he visited Sydney. We sang in Spanish, in Latin, in German. We sang on airplanes. We sang on the streets. We just sang.  A lot.

There was something magical about singing the choir. I loved the vibrations that were created by the voices surrounding me. I loved the feeling of belonging to something so special. Where every single person amounted to a beautiful collective sound.

This time of year I always  reminiscence about my years in the choir. Hearing Christmas carols  as I walk down the aisles of Woolworths…I can’t help myself…I quietly hum along. Growing up, every Christmas my Aaji (my grandmother) would make me sing ‘Amazing Grace’ to the whole family. I pretended to get embarrassed…but I loved it.

HOWEVER…I remember the Christmas of 2005 clearly, I was 19 years old and cleared my throat in preparation of my annual ‘Amazing Grace’ rendition…BUT…it sounded horrible. I honestly think my voice broke. I have never recovered. Ask anyone in my family…I now can’t sing for peanuts. I officially suck. Sometimes I get really sad about it. I try to sing ‘my best’ in the shower. In front of my mirror. In my car. But, I guess I really need to start accepting that my ‘golden singing days are over.

One of my favourite experiences of the choir was when our choir was part of the “Scotland the Brave” performance in Sydney Opera House. It was a night filled with bag pipes, drums, tartan and lots and lots of singing. We trained for weeks…working on our Scottish accents.

For some reason, on this past week I have was sucked down the ‘Youtube vortex’ of scottish songs. I just had this urge. I have literally listened to Scottish songs for hours this past week. At work. In the car. At the gym. I put on all the  Scottish songs that I had learnt during my years in the choir. The lyrics had obviously been lying dormant. As soon as I heard the first chord of the song, the lyrics just flowed….and so did my Scottish accent. It has genuinely made me so happy this week.

With reference to my  ‘Scottish themed’ week and to my school uniform (I wore for all my choir performances ), I have a new found fascination with tartan. Plaid patterns are not reserved for the kilts of old scottish men or for picnic rugs….instead they can subtly add warmth and richness to interior spaces. Upon my research, I actually learnt that “plaid” is actually derived from the Scottish Gaelic word plaide, which means blanket. Tartan can inject a sense of history and tradition. I believe plaid can look really good when combined with timber, leather or even raw concrete. It doesn’t need to be over-bearing but can be used in subtle, unexpected ways – wallpaper, blankets, upholstery,…

Don’t believe me? Check out the images below…

tartan interior
Love the bright colours against the raw backdrop.
(Image via The Rug Company)
tartan interior
(Image via Pinterest)
interior tartan
Can even be used as a wallpaper pattern…it works perfectly in this space…however, I would definitely be careful not ‘over do’ it.
tartan textile
The plaid pattern even works in an industrial or rustic design style. It can immediately inject some warmth.
tartan interior
(Image via Paloma 81)
tartan floor
(Image via Paloma 81)
tartan design
Strong. Textural. Masculine. Who said tartan was out-dated?
(Image via Pinterest)
tartan lighting

OK, I best be off…my ‘HIghland Fling’ playlist is awaiting…

Have a great weekend.




mismatched chairs

Well-designed Imagination.

 I had two imaginary friends growing up – Little Mimi & Big Arka. I have no idea why I chose those names. Little Mimi was forever in the hospital with a broken arm & Big Arka was always ‘making me’ ask my parents for  ice-cream. I guess those first two years (before my sister came along) must have been pretty lonely.

As children we have such active imaginations, but as we ‘grow up’  our imagination becomes overwritten with reality and thoughts imposed on us by a means of socialisation. Our imaginations are spoiled by the knowledge of what is actually possible.

I have always had a very active imagination. One of my favourite ‘games’ as a child was pretending my wardrobe was an elevator. I would stick numbers on the inside of the doors and would ‘exit’ into different ‘worlds’ – Disneyland, Fern Gully’s forest and with mermaids under the sea (yes, I would do breast-stroke across my carpet and get carpet burn)….

I believe that without our imagination, there would be no reality. Where would the human race be? Would we even exist? Everything new…every invention…every idea…every improvement in our life has been connected to the imagination. Our imagination is an elusive, non-material ‘thing’.….but it exists. Our imagination is uncontrollable, infinite and has no boundaries. Our imaginations can’t be owned by anyone else. It allows us to actualise what reality can’t provide.

Many adults feel no need to use their imagination. It is easy to carry out day-to-day lives without tapping into our imagination. But I argue, that if we do keep our imagination alive we can lead a much richer, fuller and satisfying existence.

I also truly believe that everyone is capable of being ‘creative’.  The amount of times I have heard friends and family say; “Oh, I am not the creative type”. Not true. I believe that we are born with a ‘creative muscle’. It is a muscle that needs to be properly nourished and exercised. Otherwise it lies dormant.

In the industry of design – imagination is key.  Imagination and creativity go hand-in-hand. The ability to visualise. The ability to translate an abstract concept, idea or belief into a creative form.

My imagination is still very active…I know I am going to some like a complete freak…BUT…

I often imagine that when I exit a room the pieces of furniture talk to one another. They have their own dialogue. Everything from the chairs way they are positioned

I know it sounds weird. I know it probably sounds like I’ve eaten some mushrooms (not the shittake variety). I haven’t.

(Mum if you are reading this – I haven’t lost my marbles –  please do not book me into see the doc.)

Imagination aligns itself with the ability to visualise. When it comes to interior design – visualisation is key. When we are selecting a new piece of furniture, deciding which colour to paint a wall or even just rearranging furniture, we need to ‘imagine’ what the end result will be. It is this process of visualisation that taps into the imagination.

Interior designers must be able to see beyond the current environment and actually visualise what they hope to accomplish as an end result.

Listen to this amazing TED talk –


An increasing trend, which I believe aligns to my imaginative journey is mismatched chairs.  For some crazy reason, when I see mismatched chairs it seems like they each have their own unique personality and are ‘talking’ to each other like old friends.

Ok, I am sounding crazier my the minute – see the images below and maybe…just maybe…you might ‘get’ what I mean….or maybe you will just think I am nuts.

mismatched chairs

How cute is this arrangement of various wooden chairs!
(Images via At homeinlove)
mismatched chairs
The little stool looks like the child of the ‘Chair Family’…
(Image via Msalx)
mismatched chairs
This has to be my favourite image…it looks like the chairs are having a business meeting.
mismatched chairs
(Image via Desire to Inspire) 

mismatched chairs

Birds eye view…with a gorgeous tribal rug.


(Image via Scandanavian with Love)


mismatched chairs


Chairs have a dine out…wine & all.

(Image via Petite Passport)

mismatched chairs

Having breakfast…with grandma (the fluffy chair!)

(Image via Lovely Life)

mismatched chairs


Kids party!!!


(image via Blood & Champagne)

chairs waiting


(Image via Lisa Scheer )


OK, I am off….it is a rainy Sunday afternoon and I feel like exercising…my… imagination. Allowing myself 30minutes of solid daydreaming.

Happy  Sunday.

N x


indoor plant

Kicked to the curb.

I have a problem.

I just love objects that have been ‘kicked to the curb’.

I went through a stage where I couldn’t go for a walk without coming home with a pre-loved item that had been sitting on the curb.

It was when I lived back home with mum & dad. Admittedly, bought home some pretty weird items – A family portrait (of some stranger’s family)….It had a nice frame! The inside of an old television…I wanted to transform it into a cool installation art piece. A wooden shipping palette…I wanted to create a table. Sadly, none of these ‘creative aspirations’ ever came into fruition. Instead, I was just yelled at; “Nix, if you bring one more piece of junk inside this house…..we are kicking you to the curb”. Ouch.

Over the years, I have learnt to control my urge. I can’t really explain why…. but I am drawn to pre-loved sofas, cabinets, shelves etc which are kicked to the curb. I almost feel sorry for them. They were once so loved…a part of the interior. Now, they have now been deemed ‘useless’. Either waiting for the council clean up…or for someone else to rescue them. Seeing abandoned household furniture and objects, are a catalyst for my mind to embark on some bizarre imaginative journey; Who sat on that couch? What items have been stored in those drawers? What was watched on that TV?

It’s just like an informal sidewalk orphanage. You will never know the exact history of pre-loved object, but sometimes you just have a ‘connection’ with an object and learn to love it, like it has always been you own.

Ok, I know….I probably sound like a crazy person.

Yesterday as I was walking up the street….I spotted a gorgeous wire planter.  I have been wanting one for ages. It was definitely a sign. It looked so cute and lonely…just chillin’ out on the curb. Waiting to get picked up by an old council truck. I couldn’t handle the thought of this little planter being landfill.


nikita sheth

So….I rescued it. Next weekend, I am going to give it the ultimate makeover. I will spray it either gold or black…from CURB to SUPERB!!!

In the 1970s indoor plants were all the rage and in recent times they have definitely made a comeback.  Indoor plants needs to be used appropriately, otherwise they can literally transform your interior space into a scene reminiscent of Fern Gully on the Jungle Book. It is important to keep it simple and not crowd the space too much. Interesting shape leaves teamed with a cute pot is the perfect way to freshen up a lifeless space (plus having indoor plants is apparently very healthy!).

Check out some of these cute planters below…

indoor plant

(Image via Fab)

indoor planter

(Image via scandinaviandeko.com)


indoor planter

(Image via Homed It)


(Image via Nitzan Cohen)(

indoor plant

(Image via Pinterest)


indoor plant

(Image via Liz Marie) 


indoor plant

(Image via Etsy)


indoor plant

(Image via Etsy)

I am SO excited to give my little orphan wire planter a make over…and then buy a plant to fill him with!

Happy Sunday night!

N x

Breaking News.

It has happened five times in the past 3 weeks. No exaggeration.

Two iphone screens. Two mugs. One antique bottle (which I bought from NYC).

Glass seems to be breaking all around me.

I know I am clumsy. But this feels like a joke. I am starting to wonder whether I am carrying around some bad ju-ju vibes or something.

The theme of glass re-emerged on Wednesday night. But this time in a more positive way. I had a dinner date with my grandfather (Papaji). He was to ‘fit me into his packed social schedule. He is actually the coolest (to find out why – read this) 

I love the predictability of going to Papaji’s house for dinner  – A glass of red, a vegetarian Indian meal, bailey’s ice-cream/strawberries & cream for dessert. In that order. Always.

However, after dinner this week instead of immediately tucking into dessert, he started showing me ‘objects’ and some of my grandmother’s things he had found after she passed away. One of which was a gorgeous blue glass vase….

It had the most beautiful story behind how it had come into his hands (see below) (NB:- Aaji what I called my grandmother):

nikita sheth email

I have a fascination with coloured glass vessels. I have decided to start a collection. I purchased two (one broke) in NYC from the most remarkable man. In a nutshell, Scott Jordan grew up on Long Island. As a bored kid, his dad made him a sieve and he spent is afternoons and weekends ‘digging up treasure’. After finishing school he followed his passion and became an Archaeologist. He spends his time transforming discards of New York City into artifact art. Read More Here (http://www.newyorkartifactart.com)

nikita sheth

Each of his items comes with a handwritten card outlining where the piece was found & the time period it came from.

I love the ethereal nature of glass. The transparency. The buoyant quality. The simultaneous reflection and absorption of light. I have decided to be very discerning with my glass vessel collection. Each piece must have an engaging ‘story’ – whether it be the process of which it was created, a past owner to the historical context in which it derived.

Have a look at the images below…they are my point of inspiration for my ‘collection’….


(Image via imgfave.com)


(Image via antiquebottles.com)

glass collection

(Image via Vmburkhadt) 

glass collection

(Image via Hannah Roberts)

glass collection

(Image via The Great Gracie) 

glass collection

(Image via decor8blog.com)

glass collection

(Image via Herebewitches)


Hope you have a great Sunday Night.

N x

Pink Finger Buns.

Everyday. For 6 months. Always at 4pm. In my final year of school….

I bought a pink icing finger bun on the way home (it HAD to be the one with pink icing). It was a stressful year as I was intensely studying for the HSC exams (yes, I was…and still am a total nerd).

But…the routine of buying and consuming a pink finger bun on Turramurra Station offered me total emotional comfort. Forget meditation. Forget deep breathing. To this day, I am a strong advocate for Pink finger buns…they reduce stress like nothing else.

I even encouraged a friend of mine to join the ‘finger bun’ band-wagon and we called ourselves the ‘Fatty Finger Bun Sistas’. I loved the way the baker at Bakers Delight would keep two finger buns aside for us (to ensure we didn’t miss out on our ‘hit’)….

finger bun

In hindsight, it was probably not the best choice in terms of nutritional value.  Between my Coles Home-brand fruit cake addiction (I’ll save that story for another post) and pink finger buns obsession, I put on A LOT of weight. I was a little too old for my extra weight to be passed off as baby-fat and I had always been a ‘gangly’ Indian kid…so the ‘big-boned’ justification also didn’t work….(Don’t believe me?! Just check out my End of Yr 12 dinner photos – I have more rolls than Baker’s Delight).

This gluttonous stage of my life continues to haunt me today. Whenever I catch a glimpse of a pastel pink colour…I suddenly get hungry and crave a pink finger bun. It is like my brain has been wired to create an innate association. I just start salivating whenever I see a certain shade of pink….

When it comes to colour preference, whether it be fashion, art or interior accessories I always tend to lean towards bold and vibrant colours. For me, pastels just seem a little uninteresting and uninspiring. (FYI – Pastels are just an unsaturated version of any color, the lighter and sweeter version!). However, pastels are making a come back in the world of interior design. And after some research….I have definitely changed my view on the pastel colour scheme.

Pastels can be soothing, calming and can even give off a subtle glow. Whilst they are mostly considered as quite ‘feminine’, when combined with wood they can be used as a colour scheme to create a very striking and strong space. I believe they especially work well within a Scandinavian design style – they can freshen up a space and accentuate the light to create an airy space.

Here is a round up of some great uses of a pastel colour scheme..


pastel design


(Image via finnishdesignshop.com)



interior design


(Image via finnishdesignshop.com)

interior design

(Image via  birchandbird.com)

interior design



(Image via Hege In France) 

interior design


(Image via Interior Originals) 

pastel interior


(Image via dis-vague) 

interior design



(Image via Vonderhue)

interior pastel

(Image via Sigrid Stromgen) 




OK, now I am craving a finger bun…no guesses, where I am going before work tomorrow morning?! (Baker’s Delight!).


Happy Sunday Night!

N x



















Peep Show.

My neighbours above can see right into our kitchen.

We usually just have friendly neighbour ‘banter’ from our back garden when they are sitting on their balcony.

…but last week things escalated.

The neighbours (4 Canadian guys in their final year of medicine) came over & introduced themselves.

Rather than making mundane “small talk”, one of the guys just blurted; “You like sweet potato, hey?!”.

He had obviously noticed my current obsession with sweet potato. Yes, I eat it most nights. Yes, I have been making excessive amounts of sweet potato chips.

My first reaction was to become highly defensive (so what, if I really, really enjoy sweet potato?!). My mind then clicked into gear and I realised…

If he had be observing my sweet potato baking habits…what else had he (and his other housemates) witnessed?

My ‘naked’ sprint into the kitchen after a shower? My rendition of Frank Ocean into the Olive Oil bottle? Emptying the dishwasher in my underwear? Had they seen all of this?

I then had a horrible flash back….

The time that I was dancing & singing half naked (to TLC, Waterfalls) in my bedroom (just for the record, it was years ago….I promise)…when the neighbour called our home phone and told my mum that ‘your daughter should shut her blinds as Westbrook Avenue is getting a free show…..”. Awkward.

I then got a 20min lecture on the importance of privacy and closing my blinds.

I believe we often take windows for granted. We day-dream out of them, when sitting at work. We look out of them to check the weather. But we often focus on the what lays beyond, rather than the window itself.

 Windows provide both a physical and visual connection between the inside and outside.  We forget how important they really are. They let light in. They contribute to the character of the home. When opened, they offer us fresh air. When closed, they keep us secure from the outside elements.

Windows also possess the ability to add to the aesthetic charm of the room and enhances the overall appeal of your home and make it look more beautiful and spacious. Without windows, we would feel isolated from the outside world. Without windows, i believe the rate of depression would definitely increase. Without windows, I also believe that more people would be late for work….(i lived in a room without windows in Boston for a year and have never slept-in more in my entire life).

Here is a roundup of some beautiful glass windows (and doors)…

window design

(Image via Style Files) 

window design

(Image via matte-and-sequins.tumblr.com)

window design

(Image via theamericanlegacy.tumblr.com)

window design

(Image via southstreetcollective.com)

window details

(Image via Desire to Inspire) 

window details

(Image via  thedesignfiles.net)

window dedtails

(Image via the-wiretap.com)

window design

(Image via Pinterest)

interior design window

(Image via  l-ion.tumblr.com)

Ok, I am off…just about to jump into the shower…with my BLINDS CLOSED.

Enjoy the sunshine.

N x

yellow interiors

YES, I drive….a yellow car.

OK, I promise this will be my last post on NYC. Plunged into the routine of daily life, my adventure in the big apple is now a distant memory. Thank god, for Jay Z and re-runs of Sex and The City …they will keep the dream alive!

Upon exiting JFK airport the first thing I saw was a yellow taxi. I grinned to myself like an idiot. I love NYC taxi’s. For me, they are the perfect cultural icon. They simultaneously represent the efficiency and capitalism of American society. They are ubiquitous beacons that brighten up the monotonous NYC grey palette.

Ok fine, the real reason I love yellow cabs is….

Because I have driven a yellow car for 6 years.

I feel like I have a deep-seeded bond towards yellow cars…and cabs. And ugly cars.

It was not by choice. It was originally a family car, which I now  call my own. My abstract artist mother decided that “we need some colour in our lives”. My chartered accountant father argued that the “resale value of a yellow car is will not be high”. Mum won.

I am NOT complaining – I know I am blessed to even have a car.

BUT it hurts…

When I heard my friends dad call out “Who’s mustard coloured car is parked on our driveway?” and then proceeding to roar with laughter.

When my friends yell “TAXXXIIIII” before they hop in for a lift.

When I see that the only other people driving Yellow Honda Jazz’s are 80 year old grandmas.

When I hear kids yelling “Spotto” (a game kids/some adults play, where you yell ‘spotto’ when spotting a yellow car).

Like blue cheese, I have grown to love my little ray of yellow sunshine. We have shared some great times together….and some not so great times. Including:

The time when I smashed the back windscreen in the management car park – to my defence the column of yellow and I actually thought it was an extension of my car (Bonus: I had instantly transformed by car into a ‘convertible’)

The time my car got keyed in ‘da 2076 hood’…what a bunch of losers.

The time my car got egged.

The time my number plates got removed and then were wedged in the arms of my windscreen wipers.

The time  I had to drive with a giant inflatable yellow crumpet-man (I was working for Tip Top at the time) on the passenger seat, whilst  wearing a yellow dress. Awkward and highly embarrassing.

WHATEVS….but you know what?!!!

I never lose my car in the car park.

Studies reveal, that yellow cars are least likely to get stolen.

Other research studies also reveal that yellow is the safest colour by far.

It reflects my bright and bubbly personality (jokes. ok, fine, i just needed to think of another reason….)

nikita sheth

Putting aside my partiality, yellow is a great colour to integrate into architecture and interiors.  From bright hues to subtle shades, yellow can be leveraged in a myriad of ways. Yellow can be used to inject warmth into a space or to leverage the sun light to open up a space. It is a cheerful and inviting. From a colour psychology perspective, yellow fosters happiness, confidence and optimism.  It is also believed that yellow attracts good luck and health. Personally, I love it when yellow is used with natural materials such as wood or stone.

Here is a round up of some of my favourite uses of the colour yellow..hope they brighten up your day a little!

yellow interiors

I love this! Yellow against grey – my favourite.

(Image via lisannevandeklift.blogspot.nl)

yellow interiors

(Image via clairepotterdesign.com)

yellow interiors

Yellow has a place in architecture – against the blue sky, the yellow really pops.

(Image via lisannevandeklift.blogspot.nl)

yellow interiors

Neon yellow & wood. Delicious.

(Image via  hegeinfrance.blogspot.fr)

yellow interiors

This is quite ‘out there’….not sure if I would personally do this, but it does work nicely – especially with the greenery outside.

(Image via archilovers.com)

yellow interior

Such a vibrant yellow wall – how can you feel down when staring at this?!

(Image via  arkpad.com.br)

yellow interior

Simplicity. Clean lines. Gorgeous.

(Image via  thedesignfiles.net)

yellow architecture

(Image via Tumblr)

It will be a sad day when I have to say goodbye to my banana-boat…except its a car.

OK, I’m off – Happy Sunday night

N x

fruit design

My sister has gone bananas.

She may be younger to me, but in so many ways I look up to her.

She is ambitious. She has patience. She is disciplined. She is gorgeous (both inside & out…she is commonly compared to ‘Frida Pinto’).

And now, she has just landed her DREAM job – she is going to be a maternity & peadetrics dietician in one of the best hospitals in Brisbanel. QLD the state of Bananas. Quite fitting really.

Sounds 100% corny, but I am honestly so lucky that she is my sister/best friend (both my sisters are) & I am so proud of her.

We continually tease her for eating ‘air’ and running crazy distances…but secretly all that jest comes from a place of absolute aspiration. I know that I am secretly jealous that she doesn’t have a pet snake on her stomach (I’ve affectionately named my snake ‘Rollo’). I know that I am secretly jealous that she has the self-dicispline to stop at just a handful of peanut M&M’s whilst I can’t resist…tearing and NOT sharing.

It is this self control that makes her excel at her profession as a dietician. I have no doubt she is going to go so far.  She is precise and committed (both emotionally and mentally) – (healthy) ingredients to a successful career. Any patient will be lucky to have her.

I love the way she gives Dad dirty looks when he reaches for the chilli chips. He definitely owes his lowered cholesterol to her.

I love the way she advises Mum on how to look after her digestive health. Her fibre intake has definitely increased.

I love the way she secretly replaces Alisha’s ‘sweet snacks’ with carrot sticks (Ali only notices when she opens her bags at uni). Her dental bills have decreased exponentially.

I love the way she is also a ‘Veterinarian Dietician’ – Mojo & Perry have the shiniest coat this side of town…..thanks to their protein intake.

We just love her.

We will miss her when she is living in Brisvegas. Without her guidance, I am sure we will all become fatty guju’s.

Check out her AMAZING new blog ‘Happy Mums. Happy Bubs’  here

Inspired by her dedication to healthy eating, I have managed to find some inspirational interior designs which integrate the famous Enzo Mari’s fruit prints (and a few other random fruit ‘designed’ items) I actually really like the bold shapes and saturated colours of these prints. Simple. Symbolic. A daily reminder that an “Apple a day…”


(Image via kitkadesigntoronto.com)

fruit design

(Image via miluccia.net)

fruit design

(Image via Scandinavian Home)

fruit design

(Image via  poppytalk.blogspot.com)

fruit design

(Image via dotcomsformoms.com)

fruit design

Yes, I have shown this image before in a previous blog post…but I love it.

(Image via HouHouHa)


(Image via Google)

fruit design

(Image via finetingogsjokolade.blogspot.com)


I want to get this for my sister’s house one day!

IImage via Chairblog)

Now I have the guilts…I am drinking tea & eating a Cherry Ripe (it was in the $1 bin at Woolies) …but feel like I should  be eating an Apple. Cherry Ripes count as fruit right?

N x

P.s. here are some amazing/random pics I came across…thought I would share!

fruit art

Yes! Its a pineapple…

)Image via Google)



(Image via fun2video.com)

fruit art

Fruit  + Veggie = LOVE.

(Image via sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net)

brown interior

Gurrrll, what’s your name?…..Brown Sugar

A creamy piece of milk chocolate.

A steamy cup of coffee.

A well-worn pair of leather boots.

A raw American black walnut table.

And….my skin.

All Brown. All Beautiful.

(Ofcourse, there are are something which are brown and not so beautiful…but I HATE toilet humour so I am not going to go there….)

Coming from an Indian background, I was born with chocolate coloured skin.

Born and bought up in Australia, my friends have always been predominantly of caucasian decent.

Growing up as the Indian gal in my group of friends…

There were the pro’s: I never had dilemmas of streaky fake tan. I could always pull off white dresses, no matter what the season. I always won games of ‘murder in the dark’.

Then there were the con’s:  I was a lot hairier than the other girls. I was always stuck being ‘Scary Spice’ (I was never allowed to be ‘Baby Spice’). I could never borrow brown their ‘brown’ bobby pins.

Yes, all first world problems.


Beyonce has Sasha Fierce.

Christine Aguilera has Xtina.

And I have…BROWN SUGAR (Click the link below…to witness some of my moves)

Alter egos are quite commonplace.

For some reason, on a night out at the end of last year, I was approached my a gentleman on the dance floor…”Hey gurl, what’s your name?”

Without thinking, I replied “They call me Browwwnnn Shugga”.

The poor guy looked confused – “No, seriously what is your name?”

I did not relent…I just looked him straight in the eyes; “I told you, they call me Brown Sugar”

I have no idea where ‘Brown Sugar’ came from.

It must have lay dormant deep within sub-conscious. God only knows for how long….

Over the last 6 months it has gradually become my alter ego. I love it. As ‘Brown Sugar’,…I feel empowered and VERY gangsta.

Admittedly growing up there were times where I felt a little misplaced and questioned my cocoa skin.

But now, I can honestly say, I am truly proud of my cultural background. I love being Indian. I love the food. I love the traditions. I love the values my parents have instilled in me,

And…I have grown to truly love and accept my brown skin.

IBrown invokes the feeling warmth. From earthy toned walls and furniture to leather accessories. Brown is the perfect base for many interior spaces. In celebration of all things brown, here is a round up of some gorgeous and inspiring brown spaces. Enjoy!

brown interior
My dream kitchen…
brown interior
brown interior
brown interior
brown interior design
This has to be my favourite photo….I love everything about it.
(Image via desiretoinspire.net)
brown chair
Can definitely imagine curling up in this chair…
brown styling
(Image via Fotolog)
brown cafe
(Image via Media)
brown cupboard
(Image via SF Girlbay) 
design blog
Buttery leather against crispy white. love.
(Image via Emmas Blogg)
OK, I have to go now.. all this brown-ness if making me crave chocolate….no guesses, what I am about to do…
Chocolate + tea time! Delish.
N x

It just wanted a hug…

flooringI stacked it.

Big time.

I hit the pavement….HARD.

It was on one of the busiest streets in Surry Hills.

Let me recap the events: It was last Sunday night. I turned off my gangsta tunes and parked my car. That’s all I remember…..the rest is a blur. It must have occurred somewhere between opening the door and my feet landing on the pavement. Except that didn’t happen…

My face hit the pavement. Not my feet.

My boot buckle must snagged my lanyard that ia on my keys and my body projected onto the pavement.

I let out a shrill-pitched gurgling sound.

My location did not help the situation.  I was parked right outside ‘The Clock’ – a popular Surry Hills establishment with alfresco seating.

My car did not help the situation. I drive a mustard yellow jazz. It is hard to miss.

To my embarrassment, a lot of people witnessed my extravagant display of failing limbs.

I lay face flat on the pavement for a few seconds. I wished the ground would open up and swallow me whole.

A few onlookers rushed to my aid (as they attempted to stifle their laughter). One even helped me ‘brush down’ dirt from my backside….it was a little creepy.

I laughed awkwardly and said “I am fine….the floor just wanted a hug”.

I managed to escape with only a  ladder in my stocking and a grazed ego.

With my face literally on the floor, it made me reconsider how we often overlook the importance of flooring within a space.

interior design floor

Beautiful tile motifs.

(Image via interiordesign.net)

interior design floor

From the darkness, beautiful tiles emerge.

(Image via remodelista.com)

interior design

Polished blue cement….it looks like water!

(Image via pinyourhome.com)

interior design

I would lock myself in the bathroom and cry on this floor any day.

(Image via  lovelylife.se)

interior design

(Image via citified.blogspot.com)

interior desgn

Only one word to describe this floor – Raw.

(Image via  studiochristensen.goodsie.com)

interior design

(Image via 4.bp.blogspot.com)

interior design

(Image via  media-cache4.pinterest.com)

interior design

(Image via Pinterest Mobile App)

interior design

(Image via casadolcecasa.com)

interior design

(Image via thatkindofwoman.tumblr.com)

Next time you enter a building, bar or work space….take a good look at the floor. You never know what beauty it may hold.

N xx

distracted by design

Treat Yo’ Self

For the last couple of months, my life’s mantra has been “Treat yo’ self” (derived from the series Parks & Recreation)

It began as an offhand attempt at a bit of light-humour at work. When colleagues asked me…. “Nix, should I have a chocolate bar from the charity box?” or “Nikita, do you think I should skip my gym session for a mid-week glass of wine?” Clearly, they knew which one they would like me to say. Clearly, they wanted me to rationalise their decision. So instead, i just began to say; ”Go on…Treat yo’ self”.

99.9% of the time they would leave any doubt behind and in high spirits reply “Yes, you are right Nix…I deserve this!!!”. And off they would go…Feeling proud. Feeling happy. Feeling content, about their decision.

I then began to experiment with the tone and accent; “Go on gurrrll, treat yo’self… If yo’ ain’t gonna treat yo’self..then who will?” It has now evolved to sound like an African-American Momma. Don’t mean to boast, but I have nailed that one phrase.

It has caught on like a wildfire.

It has now snow-balled….to the point of no return.

It has now officially entered the “Nixasarus” (My personal phrase dictionary).

My waistline has increased. My alcohol consumption has increased. My credit card expenses have sky-rocketed. Overall,  my general self-control is non-existent.

By definition a ‘treat’ should be something which is not consumed or experienced at irregular intervals. However, since integrating this one phrase into my life, my happiness, spontaneity and general life outlook has improved. Don’t believe me? Try it for yo’ self. Go on…I dare you. In the face of temptation or indecisiveness – just say “I think i’m gonna treat myself”

It is the perfect phrase that motivates you to do what you actually want to do…not what you think is right.

And you know what i am going to do? I am going to treat yo’ all with a round up some general design ‘visual treats’ ….

treat yo self
I love everything about this space – the rug, the bedspread, the textile wall hanging, the hanging lamp.
(Image via Apartmentherapy)
chair party
I love this image – it looks like all the chairs are having a dinner party…each with their own personality!
(Image via Pinterest)
architecture inspiration
(Image via designboom.com)
work design
Jealous of this moodboard….and the plaster feet!
Hypercubus mobile hotel room….totally cool.
(Image via designboom.com)
bathroom design inspiration
This is the coolest bathroom.
(Image via Tumblr) 
Love the clipboards…
(Image via Tumblr) 
Makoko floating school by NLE Architects
(Image via designboom.com)
styling inspiration
Beautiful styling….
 (Image via trendenser.se)
i could live here
I can actually see myself, drinking baileys & eating peanut M&M’s on this chair.
 (Image via trendenser.se)
Next time you face the deicison ; Should I get one scoop or two scoops of tiramisu gelato?…..Should I get a massage?……..Should I splurge on this pair of shoes?.….
I say…”Treat yo’ self”.
nikita sheth