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calendar 2013 design

What’s your New Years Resolution?

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Each year, I continue to make New Years Resolutions (yes, resolutionS..I can never pick just one) – inevitably by end of Jan they have been genuinely (or selectively) forgotten.

Not quite sure where the ‘resolution’ tradition originated, but I guess the intentions behind them are always good – with the fear of sounding like Dr Phil, I think they are a nice way to indulge in self-reflection and aim for self-improvement.

Whether it decided after one to many Captain Morgan’s or creating A3 mindmaps of ‘my life’ ….resolutions

In the past week as I have caught up with my friends, I have been quite curious (and a little nosey) and asked them what some of their resolutions were. Actually quite funny, how resolutions can deliver such insight into someone’s dreams, insecurities and ambition.
I loved the variety…they ranged from ambitious – “Nix, this year I want to read a classic novel each month & write an essay on each” to functional “I want to start eating more Kangaroo to increase my protein intake” to general life outlook  “Nikita, this year I am going by the mantra; to only look forward”

.……and then there was my sister’s resolution which was downright hilarious…with such a concerned look on her face she proceeded to say “Nix, in 2013 I  really want to start wearing more G-strings…I had way to many VPL (Visible Panty Lines) in 2012”..(she is a special one).

It is only fair that i divulge a few of my resolutions. My main one is also quite trivial, but necessary. I resolve to reduce the number of ‘high buns’ – no matter what, I can’t resist whipping my hair up into a ‘unicorn-like’ horn on the very top of my forehead. So yes, I need to start grooming my hair properly.

My standard ones included; to reduce/eradicate my ‘pet’ snake (names Rolanda) that lives around my waist (Rolanda LOVES Peanut M&Ms), to learn how to paint with watercolours & to become more involved in volunteering for The Angawadi Project – www.anganwadiproject.com (check it out it is amazing)

Apart of resolutions, the New Year also brings a new calendar year. Calendars need not be boring, but can be inspirational, innovative and intriguing. Check out some beautifully designed calendars below:

2013 calendar design
(Image via from urbncal.com)calendar 2013 design


(Image via vi.sualize.us)

calendar design 2013

Ink Calendar: The ink will slowly color each day of the month as time passes. Yes, please.

(Image via scotchandscones.tumblr.com)

calendar design

(Images via ferm-living.com)
calendar design 
(Image via studiopatten.com)

(Image via wishflowers.tumblr.com)

Hope 2013 brings you lots of laughter, good times & great design.

N x


christmas interior design

Tandoori Turkey & Chai-spiced Fruit Cake…

Tandoori Turkey…with masala stuffing. Chai-spiced fruit cake…laced with cardamon, cinnamon and pistachio.  A christmas carol singalong….with a flute & tabla as percussion instruments.

 A true Sheth Christmas.

My grandma was the queen of Christmas – raised by Scottish nannies in India under the British rule, she was a true Anglophile at heart. If it wasn’t for her caramel coloured skin, red bindi on her forehead and colourful sari’s – you could mistake her for Mrs Claus – short, stout and full of life.

Despite her religion being Jainism, she embraced Christmas in every way – she refused to take off her bon-bon party hat all night, would display all her christmas cards on string around her whole house and would who;le-heartedly attempt the high soprano notes in her rendition of ‘Silent Night’.

I truly miss her charasmatic presence at christmas. It really is not the same without her. Nevertheless, even though she is not here physically, her traditions continue…..yes, after this post I will be pasting the turkey with tandoori marinade. Delicious.

On a side note – my mother forced us to take pictures with Santa from birth until I was 21 years old. It started off being cute…but as we all hit our teen years and early adulthood… Santa seemed to be enjoying the photo experience a little ‘too much’ – Santa turned his sleaze on.

Below, I have rounded up some beautiful holiday season images, enjoy…

christmas design

(Image via  thedesignchaser.com)


christmas interior design

(Image via curbly.com)

christmas interior design

(Image via dreamywhites.blogspot.nl)

christmas interior design

(Image via regineskreativiteter.blogspot.com)


holiday design

(Image via kjerstislykke.blogspot.de)

christmas advent design

(Image via From babble.com)

christmas tree design

(Image via a-wonderful-christmastime.tumblr.com)


christmas design

(Image via style-files.com)

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Love N x

distracted by design

Distracted by Design – My 100th Post…

Yeewww…. I have made it to 100 posts!
What a year it has been – starting my dream job at Indesign, moving out…then moving back in, completing my Interior Design Cert III, kicking soccer goals, finding some beautiful new friends & continuing to love old ones, a dose of 808 heartbreak. ..oh & a new nickname…they call me – ‘Brown Sugar’.
I have defs been keepin’ it real…
One thing that has remained a constant through such tumulous times has been…. my family.
I love them & would honestly be lost with out each one of them. My crazy ‘abstract’ mother who ‘just gets’ me (I have inherited so many of her traits), my accountant father – who always tells it to me straight – no bullsh*t and ofcourse my sisters – one who just always has my back and the other who keeps me inspired by her travels.
They keep me sane. They keep me grounded. Blood.

Whilst this may seem narcissistic and somewhat selfish – In celebration of this year of my life (I shall call it my year of self-evolution)…I have picked my favourite images which truly reflect my own design style. Interiors, objects, spaces which inspire me, stimulate my senses & offer me an escape from reality.

A constant theme amongst these images seem to a global, ethnic and eclectic design style. I love rich colours, handmade textiles and unique cultural artefacts.

ethnic interior design
(Image via Luju)
ethnic interior design
(Images via Tobias)
modern ethnic design
(Images via Calico Skies)
modern ethnic design
peacock chair

(Images via Pinterest) morrocco design

(Images via Modern Marrakech)
yellow chair interior
(Image via Anthropologie)


habitusliving(Image vis Habitusliving) 

window design

(Image via Tumblr) 

My mantra:

Everything thing happens for a reason. Don’t try and control things…just go with the flow.

N x

cubby house


At times I believe that my love for interiors started way before I even knew how to tie my shoelaces.

As a small girl, my younger sisters & I loved cubby houses. My mum would help us create these diy sancturies out of old sari’s and indian blankets –  drapped acoss chairs, couches and tables…..we would crawl belly first and spend hours inside the labyrinth of mattresses, pillows and stuffed toys. We would demand to eat dinner in there. We would demand to sleep in there. Using as an escape from the world outside.

It was a simple pleasure – one which allowed us to transcend reality and depended heavily on our imaginations.

Inside the cubby houses it always felt safe, comfy and warm.
Mum & Dad took it one step further in the summer of 1991 – creating an actual wooden cubby house in the back of our garden. We spent countless hours, running in and out of the cubbyhouse – pretending it was a shop, a restaurant and even a hairdressing salon. Creating signs ‘keep out’, ‘girls only’…

One of my favourite memories, is during a sudden summer hailstorm –  my sisters and mum stood inside our (actual) house, noses pressed against the glass window as we watched dad crouched in our cubbyhouse. He had gotten caught in the hailstorm. He was sopping wet. The cubbyhouse his only shelter from the plummeting ice.

Writing this a wave of nostalgia has overcome me. I secretly wish I could build a cubby house right now and escape this ‘adult world’ – one full or responsibility, stress and sometimes heart ache (not all things are bad though!)

Ok…here is some cubby inspiration (just incase you want to build one for yourself…don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul!)….



(Image via pinterest)



(Image via  handcraftedinvirginia.tumblr.com)


(Image via pinterest)

(Image via mokkasin.blogspot.fr)

(Image via dailyimprint)

(Image via Contemporist)

(Image via http://theplatformexperiment.tumblr.com/)

(Image via  freepeople.tumblr.com)

Have a great night

N x


bedhead design

Suffering from…Night Rage.

Night rage is like no other. It is a unique fury that is specifically experienced  in the midnight hours.
It occurs when you are jolted from your deep slumber.  Crusty drool marks your chin. Bits of bed hair sticks to your lips – there is nothing sexy about night rage. You stagger around in the darkness, vision impaired by a light red ‘angry’ mist.
Dogs barking, partners snoring, neighbours partying…these are just some of the triggers of night rage.

When hit by ‘the rage’ you only have one mission – to destroy the trigger. You are on a war path.

A couple of nights ago ‘night rage’ crept into my bedroom and smacked me in the face. I was abruptly  awoken by an intense pain in my neck. As I slowly regained consciousness… I realised what had happened….my pillow had slid between the wall and the bed. This has been a recurring problem…as we are currently do not have a bed head.


I aggressively grabbed my pillow and put it back in position. And then….30mins later….it happened AGAIN.



I was furious.  I used all my strength to jam the bed against the wall… but then I could not get back to sleep. The night rage was at its peak. I tried to count sheep. I went and got a warm glass of milk (and a crumpet). Nothing worked. I started stressing about not sleeping. Counting the hours until I had to wake. I felt hot. I felt cold. I felt….the rage.


Bed heads –  are like eyebrows. You question whether you actually need them. You don’t think you actually need them….but aesthetically & functionally you DO.



So…I am now on a mission to find a bedhead. This is what I have stumbled upon…

Adds an ethnic touch – love this one!

(Image via 24.media.tumblr.com)

Neutral wooden bed head, teamed with colourful artwork – simple, yet effective.

(Image via From amerrymishapblog.com)

Splinters in the head? worth it for this gorgeous raw design style!

(Image via in4fun)

A pinboard – Great flexible way to keep your bead head ‘fresh’ & dynamic.

(Image via designsponge.com)

(Image via refresheddesigns.blogspot.com)

Not really a bed head per se…but I visually amazing!

(Image via lostindecoration.tumblr.com)

(Image via homes.ninemsn.com.au)

Such a cool DIY bed head!

(Image via House)

(Image via amberinteriordesign)

(Image via homedit.com)

Resolution: I need to invest in a bed head asap.

N x


What a tease!

False summer has punched me in the face, again.

Last week, I underwent some serious hair removal, bought a slurpie from the sleven (7 eleven) and packed away my winter warmers.
Yes I know, talking about the weather is boring and should be reserved for awkward elevator and photocopy machine conversations.
But, in an attempt to maintain my mental and emotional sanity I have to share…

False Summer.  What a tease! It gets me every year. I should know better.

But as the weather warms up – I can’t help myself – I bask in the sunshine, lather myself with sunscreen (at the end of summer, I am SO dark you can’t see me when the lights go out – only my eyes & my teeth….scary stuff), frolick down the street in a summer dress.…..only to wake up 3 days later with frost on my window and freezing cold winds.
False summer. It tickles my neck. It warms my body. It is a tease. And should be illegal.

No more negativity. Instead, I will share some beautiful ‘summer’ inspired places & spaces….just viewing them, warms me up!

(Image via 79 ideas) 




(Image via Pink Preppy)

summer house


(Image via eatlivewear.tumblr.com)



(Image via anthropologie.com)



(Image via architectureinspiration.tumblr.com)


(image via sundayinbed.tumblr.com)

Sydney-siders…Hope that warmed you up a bit!

N x


inspiration board

I can be…..MOODY.

Like most girls, there is a certain time of the month where I can only be described as ‘moody’. During this time, you will usually find me on the couch hugging a tear and share (I never share) pack of Peanut M&M’s and watching ‘Love Actually’ (multiple times, sometimes in carious languages just to change it up).

I know this sounds very cliché…but…it’s the truth.

Moods are quite elusive. They are abstract. Usually described in over-used adjectives. Bad mood. Sad mood. Happy mood. Playful mood. They are in constant flux – much of the time dependent on external situation and circumstance.

During my Interior Design course this year, I have learnt that a key part of creating interiors is about creating a certain ‘mood’ or aspect. Done through colour, positioning, materials, textures, patterns etc. I have had to create many mood boards based on a specific client brief.

One thing on my list of things to do is create a personal ‘inspiration’ board – unlike  amood board which used to convey a certain specific type of mood – I want this board to be an accumulation of all things that excite me.

However, increasingly I have seen a trend for ‘inspiration boards’. These collages of assorted images, quotes, patterns are used to spark inspiration and in return, collectively these random bits and pieces can quite powerfully create (or even change) the mood.

Not only do they possess an emotional connection, but I believe they are also uphold a unique aesthetic & can look rather striking when applied in the right space. It is quite confronting to display your inspiration board for guests to see – but then again I think it unlocks and communicates your sense of style, personal taste and value.

Here are a few of my favourites:

(Image via femina.dk)

(Image via  witanddelight.tumblr.com)

(Image via  highway-design.blogspot.com)


(Image via  ognjiste.blogspot.com)


(Image via desiretoinspire.net)

(Image via decor8blog.com)


(Images via  frenchbydesign.blogspot.com)


(Image via fortheloveofgold.blogspot.com)



(Image via  myidealhome.tumblr.com)


(Image via littlebitsoflovely.blogspot.com)

Hopefully this has inspired you a little!

Happy Sunday.

N x





Cockatoo Island – Friends, Art and Rust.

I love industrial style. Raw metal. Harsh lines. Inherent function.

Within the last few years, industrial style has really been embraced.

Last weekend, I visited Cockatoo Island – a place renowned for its industrial aesthetic. I honestly had such a great day. I loved eating caramel muffins, (and channelling my 12 year old self whilst playing ‘grip ball’). I loved viewing the amazing Sydney Biennale installation artworks. But something which really captured me was….

The rust.

I know it sounds bizarre, but for some reason, my camera was magnetised to the rust that lay unashamedly on the stairs. On the walls. On the drain pipes.

You can’t escape the burning red rust on Cockatoo Island. Its part of the landscape. Rust is often seen as flaw, a blemish, as an ugly outcome of of a purely scientific reaction. For me, it hold a sense of beauty. It’s a sign of history. It’s natural. It’s memorising.
Call me crazy, but have a look at some of my pictures and tell me you don’t think the same…..


Here are some random industrial style spaces for you to perve on as well…


(Image via yatzer.com

(Image via  trendland.com)

(Image via the-brick-house.com)

(Image via  feedly.com)


(image via flexinredning.blogspot.co.uk)

Happy Sunday Night!

N x


Brothers or Lovers?

Long strong legs. Beautiful posture. Always supportive.


I have a deep love for chairs. Ones that resemble royalty, all upholstered sitting in a pompous dining room. Ones that are shabby, kicked to the curb like orphans. Even ones that molest you, enveloping your entire body, almost creating a sense of suffocation. I love them all.

Yesterday night  I had the privilege to see the premiere of Eames: The Painter & The Artist.

I’m not going to lie… I walked into the film thinking that Charles & Ray Eames were brothers. WRONG. They were lovers. The documentary unravelled the inner workings of the evolution of the Eames business and its legacy. In a synchronous manner, it detailed the development of their designs juxtaposing the societal context with the intimate journey of Charles & Ray Eames relationship.

At times, it felt a little too personal. I felt like I was watching Charles & Ray through their living room window. Catching glimpses of their most private moments. It was honest and at times quite confronting.

Ray Eames was a strong women. I firmly believe she was the brains behind the success of Eames furniture. Despite her being in Charles shadow, her eccentric and pedantic nature is what gave Eames designs their ‘edge’.

I definitley recommend you to borrow it on DVD.

Eames chairs are truly timeless. They are synonymous with good design. They transcend style, culture and social context – with the ability to assimilate into any space. They naturally command attention, without being ‘attention-seeking’.

One day it is my dream to own one!

(Image via apenthus.blogspot.com)

The famous lovers! Oh, so cute!

(Image via apenthus.blogspot.com)

(Image via LoneArrangers Tumblr)

This has to be my favourite picture! Very magical.

(Image via sfgirlbybay.com)

Actually no, this one is my favourite. Combination of my two favourite things – tribal rug with Eames chair. Really proves the timelessness of Eames designs .

(Image via media.tumblr.com)

Another beauty.

(Image via bloodandchampagne.com)

From 20kvadrat.se

(Image via theminimalisto.tumblr.com)

I love Eames Chairs…but perhaps not this much!

I’ve decided that I am going to draw/paint a series of Eames Chairs…it will do…FOR NOW!



My 80th post dedicated to….. my 80 year old Grandfather!!

My grandfather (we call him Papaji) is the ultimate ambassador of good design.

From his clothes, to his house, to his travel destinations, to his golfing accessories – he is a ‘design hunter’ – always living in design.

However, I believe he doesn’t hunt design consciously.  Unlike the Surry Hills hipsters, to him, it comes naturally, unforced, subconciously.

Papaji is turning 80 years old in a month & what better way to celebrate my 80th post than to dedicate it to him!

Let me share with you 10 reasons why my grandfather is cooler than me:

  • He has the coolest hat collection this side of the harbour bridge. It is actually epic. Ranging form tribal nepalese to gangsta doo-rags.
  • His ‘speciality dish’ is Baileys ice-cream – best ice-cream ever…with so much bailey’s it burns your throat & you cant drive home after 2 bowls.
  • He has a more jammed-packed social schedule than I do. Consistently find myself trying to ‘fit in’ to his busy schedule.
  • He is impeccably dressed –at all times. His shirts are always crisp and his ‘bumming around track pants’ are always pressed.
  • He is the wisest man ever – Papaji always has a story for everything…yes, everything. One day he even told me an Indian fable about prostitution. Slight akward, but nevertheless, he can talk to anyone about anything
  • He can walk fast. I mean really, really fast. Upon a family vacacy back in 2008 to NYC, we kept ‘losing him’ only to find he was always 2km in front of us. Man…does he have speed.
  • He can handle he Chilli better than both me & my father – even if his bald head does sweat excessively when he does so.
  • Well-travelled – he seriously has been everywhere….
  • He owns an ipad & taught me how to use it (no joke).
  • He finds the funniest youtube videos ever….

Continually inspired (and sometimes amused) by my grandfather’s ever growing hat collection…I thought I’d sharing some hat inspired interiors would be rather fitting.

(Image via The Decorologist)

(Image via Apartment Therapy)
(Image via  lamaisondannag)
(Image via housepict.com)
(Image via  teenvogue.com)
Now, I just want to go over to my grandfather’s house & create a hat display for him….
On second thoughts, do not think he would appreciate it…

Please take a seat.

As promised…here are some gorgeous Indian Indoor swings.
In Gujurat (where my family is originally from) – they are called hichkars (in hindi they are called Jhula’s).
Upon visiting India, one highlight of being dragged from one aunty’s house to another’s (besides the delicious Indian sweets) was sitting on their hichkar’s. They seems to be a common element in many traditional indian homes.
The  jhula’s historical roots are embedded in the Mughal era. They were used to put babies to sleep; men had their tea on them and relaxed in the evenings after coming back from work. The women had a special relation with it as they spent their afternoons sitting on it and gossiping. A jhula was a must for every Indian household.

Traditionally they are made from high quality wood with intricate designs that made them unique decorative pieces.

With modernity, and the shrinking of space the jhula has faded into the rest of the interior space- no longer representing a central meeting place. Nevertheless,  some people who have still retained this tradition of keeping Jhulas in their houses.

Jhulas have also evolved with time.  Besides the traditional ones in wood, nowadays Jhulas are available in brass, silver and other materials also. These modern day Jhulas are a perfect fit for any living room and can give it a touch of class and sophistication.


(Image via Karma Trendz)

(Image via Karma Trendz)


(Image via Choli Ke Peeche)

It would be my dream to have one of these in my house…so majestical!




Not so Boring: Concrete.

I just spent hours and hours researching concrete. You think it would be mind-numbingly boring…and yes, it was for the first hour – but then (to my suprise) got really involved in it.

Concrete. Not the most aesthetically appealing man-made material. It is grey. It is bland.  It is cold. It is purely functional. Or is it….

After researching concrete in general, I then focused on look at Terrazzo – guaranteed everyone has walked on it, sat on it, touched it….yet, it often goes unnoticed – subtly merging into the space.


Terrazzo is created by exposing marble chips and other fine aggregates (such as marble, quartz, granite, glass, mother of pearl, various synthetic materials and other stones) on the surface of finished concrete or epoxy-resin (majority of terrazzo installed is epoxy terrazzo).

Doing this assignment forced me to review my pre-conceived notions of concrete.

It is beautiful…in its own way.

This is from the Case do Conto (House of Tales) in Portugal. Loving the typography details in the concrete walls and ceiling.

(Image via Idea of Steel)

This is from an architectural concrete dream house on the cliff of Southern Sri Lanka. It is completed to perfection by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Just goes to show, just how appealing concrete can be.

(Image via Idea of Steel)

(Image via Costa Lanta)

A concrete bath…

(Image via Freshome)

Example of how concrete can be furnished to feel warm…

(Image via Grant K.Gibson)

Concrete + Wood = Love.

This is from the Pio Pio restaurant in NYC. Contrast of natural and man-made material has been beautifully integrated and presented.

(Images via Omakahu)

Save the best till last…Baled Out: A cow- created concrete home…

Ensamble Studio created this bizarre cow-eaten concrete enclosure, by pouring concrete over hay bales and then allowing Pauline, the cow, to eat through the hay….leaving the concrete shell of a liveable space!

(Images via Doorknob)

Whilst concrete can offer some amazing interior design possibilities, I still believe it is a little ‘cold’ and distant. Not convinced that I would use it in my own personal interior space…would you?

Who thinks of concepts like this? AMAZING…A great conversation starter – use it tonight!