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Design Headspin – Cafe Kauko…

Kauko Cafe – What a combo! Purposefully badly design cafe which is controlled remotely by the internet!

I am 100% fascinated by this article I read today on the DIA website. It captured by attention. It got me thinking. It made me realise the importance of good design & how we take design for granted.

Words can’t describe. See for yourself….

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/34699217]

As part of a wider campaign to celebrate Helsinki as World Design Capital 2012, creative studio Perfect Fools worked with agency Hasan and Partners to create the pop-up cafe Kauko (finnish word for remote control). At first glance Kauko appears to look and operate like any normal café.

(Image via Curve)

The twist, however, is that furniture, lighting, music and other elements within the space can be controlled in real time via a website. Visitors to the website (or even those accessing it via wi-fi within the café itself) can remotely control the environment and watch the reactions of the customers.


Tables move up & down. Music gets turned on…when people are on the phone. The slits on the napin dispenser is too small for napkins to fit through. All bad design. All forcing he end user think about how badly it is designed. Nevertheless – end result – thinking about design…

(Image via DigitalHen)

The objective behind this concept is to raise awareness around design and encourage people to consider its use in our everyday lives.

(Image via Curve)

I believe we take good design for granted – it is only when we are faced with bad design…that this becomes apparent.

Honestly, go check this out on youtube…it is truly amazing…