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My thumb is…not so green.

I should know that I was not born with a green thumb. As a five year old girl I spent hours ‘weeding’ our garden. To my dad’s horror, I had not pulled out any ‘weeds’, but instead I had successfully removed his entire herb garden.

Last week, 21 years on I thought I would give it another shot. I purchased a beautiful basil plant form the markets. I named him Bertie. I lovingly watered him everyday….only to wake up this morning to….this…
Wilted. Crisp. Dying.
I tried to resuscitate him. But, now I have a feeling I have  drowned him….

My failure to facilitate Bertie to thrive, prompted me to think of the use of herb gardens & indoor plants. They add colour, visual interest and life (literally) into any space. Aesthetically, I especially love succulent’s. Plump, fresh and textured. A beautiful addition to any dining table or kitchen bench.

In recent times, I have seen an increasing use of terraniums. They are an excellent way to integrate a sense of nature into an interior in a clean and minimalist way. Enveloped in glass, they create ‘neat’ lines and are not messy.

According to Feng Shui, plants emit a positive energy, because they cleanse the air and contribute to the positive flow of chi throughout a house.  If not for their aesthetic, functionally plants are great as they can purify the air.

Succulent, herbs and other plants  do not need to be showcased in boring plastic buckets – instead they can be displayed creatively.

(Image via tumblr.com)

A cute way to display plants – in an old medicine cabinet.

(Image via sweetpaulmag-digital)


(Image via Flickr)


Green against the raw wood – love.

(Image via Flickr)

(Image via restorationhardware.com)

Hanging plants add an extra dimension and depth – they challenge the visual balance of the room.

(Image via apair-andaspare.blogspot.com)

(Image via Pinterest)

(Image via nowserveme.wordpress.com)

I think I need to sign up to a few gardening blogs. Learn the basics, once and for all.

OR…just stick to cacti.

Happy Sunday nigt.

N x


I shared my bubble bath…with…a….

No matter if I light scented candles, or softly play the Enya CD on repeat  or fill the bath with passionfruit-mango-sorbet bubbles….I just can’t relax. To me baths make no sense…how can lying in a tub of dirty warm water be relaxing?


Since I was a small child, I have not been a fan of baths. Deep down on a subconcious level, I probably associate baths with my childhood bathtime routine – sharing a small tub with 2 younger sisters, I was always awkwardly placed closest to the tap .…’the hot end’, straining my neck on a weird angle to avoid being hit by the metal tap. I am 100% sure they both had ‘accidents’ in there (more often than not) – which means that I pretty much bathing in their piss. Gross. Not cool.



Despite my aversion to bath’s – I spontaneously decided to have a bath last Sunday night. Excitedly I got out my candles, created a ‘nix mix- bathtime’ playlist and bought some lavender bubbles. I actually quite enjoyed myself as I very sunk into the warm water. Initially, I tried reading the Sunday newspaper. I failed miserably. After 2 minutes flat I submerged it like the Titantic. Turning it into a paper-mache blob. However, I didn’t let this affect my morale, instead I just closed my eyes & tried to relax…..
Admittedly, I really enjoyed the whole experience…..UNTIL….I ATTEMPTED TO GET OUT….
Upon getting out, I noticed a dark brown floating mysterious object.…..I PICKED IT UP.……
I had just shared my bath with a dead cockroach.
My mind jumped to the possibility of it laying eggs in my ears. I felt so dirty. I don’t think I have ever scrubbed myself so clean. It still makes my stomach churn. It had not been there when I filled the bath up…it must have floated out of the drain.
In an attempt to forget the whole situation, I  distracted myself….by design. To try to remain positive about baths, I searched for the most beautiful bathtubs I could find…

(Image via Pinterest)

My dream bathtub…surrounded by (design) books!

(Image via Piccsy)

(Image via SheAchive)

(Image via Viva Fullhouse)

(Image via Style Files)

 (Image via livinginside)

(Image via Frisk Style)

Simple. Modern. Clean line. Ceramic against timber floors – what is not to love?!

(Image via Housetohome)

Ok, I’m off to cook some dinner & have a……SHOWER! (No more baths for me!).



Cockatoo Island – Friends, Art and Rust.

I love industrial style. Raw metal. Harsh lines. Inherent function.

Within the last few years, industrial style has really been embraced.

Last weekend, I visited Cockatoo Island – a place renowned for its industrial aesthetic. I honestly had such a great day. I loved eating caramel muffins, (and channelling my 12 year old self whilst playing ‘grip ball’). I loved viewing the amazing Sydney Biennale installation artworks. But something which really captured me was….

The rust.

I know it sounds bizarre, but for some reason, my camera was magnetised to the rust that lay unashamedly on the stairs. On the walls. On the drain pipes.

You can’t escape the burning red rust on Cockatoo Island. Its part of the landscape. Rust is often seen as flaw, a blemish, as an ugly outcome of of a purely scientific reaction. For me, it hold a sense of beauty. It’s a sign of history. It’s natural. It’s memorising.
Call me crazy, but have a look at some of my pictures and tell me you don’t think the same…..


Here are some random industrial style spaces for you to perve on as well…


(Image via yatzer.com

(Image via  trendland.com)

(Image via the-brick-house.com)

(Image via  feedly.com)


(image via flexinredning.blogspot.co.uk)

Happy Sunday Night!

N x


Getting Naked..in the kitchen.

Bare. Exposed. Open.

Get your mind out of the gutter – I am talking ‘Naked Cupboards’…ok, yes they are also called shelves.

But let’s face it – Shelves are stripped of their cupboard doors. Shelves are self-conciously exposed themselves for all to see what lays within. Shelves that are essentially…’naked’.

I have an obsession with them at the moment.

Admittedly, in the ‘real world’ I could never embrace the naked cupboards – I would not have the motivation to dust my dishes daily (washing them is enough)..I am a ‘stuffer’ and the best of time, quickly throw all odd pots and pans in the cupboard and quickl close the door (the avanlanche that comes down when the next person opens it?!…not my problem!)

Ok, so yes, they may not be realistic for the every day home, and be better suited as a styling prop in the backdrop of one of Donna Hay’s cookbooks…but I still love them.

Let me share with you my latest obsession…hopefully I will convert you to embrace the nakedness and maybe to get some fabulous rose gold flatware set.

9Image via http://pinterest.com/annietheartist/interiors/)

(Image via pinterestschunt563.blogspot.com)

(Image via 2.bp.blogspot.com)

( Image via designsponge.com)

(Image via remodelista.com)

I Heart Pretty Things

(Image via housetohome.co.uk)

Hope you enjoyed the nudity.

N x

My sister…a ‘global’ battler.

She is the youngest of 3 girls. She is the baby. She is completely loveable. She has everyone (especially my dad wrapped around her little finger). She is intelligent – and is very perceptive of the world around her (something which I completely lack).

However….in the last 3 months..she has been a bit of a battler!

After being accepted to study in Spain for 6 months, you think one of the first things she would do would be to organise her Spanish visa. Wrong! She apparently ‘forgot’ to do it. Before you knew it – it had turned into a family debacle….she was too late and could not get her visa before leaving on Contiki…..

There were tears & tantrums…my myself, my mum and even the Spanish embassy consultant (she was a COW).

Long story short – She went on Contiki for 5 weeks and had to come ALL THE WAY back to Australia for 3 days (to pick up her visa)…and then leave again to go back to Spain.

So my baby sister arrived on Thursday for 3 days & we dropped her back to the airport this morning…it’s been a long emotional journey, but she is finally on her way to Spain!

Visiting the airport and with her travels in mind, I was inspired to explore the way maps can be integrated into a space, from a purely aesthetic perspective.

(Image via From the-design-ark.com)

(Image via dearblackbow.blogspot.com)

(Image via From achicaliving.com)

(Image via From nauticalcottageblog.com)

(Image via From centsationalgirl.com)

From gemgirlart.com


(Image via minteriors.tumblr.com)

From smileandwave.typepad.com

(Image via From tumblr.com)

(Image via  thehandmadehome.ne)

She came back on Thursday & we dropped her back at the airport this morning. Her hand luggage was too heavy…so she had to wear 3 jackets on the plane. Yes…she looked like a complete ‘battler’.

We love her & will miss her so much!

N x


Render Bender.

I had a bender last night.

I was rendering for 5 hours straight.

It was when I started hallucinating and seeing everything in black and white…that I knew it was time to put down my copic markers and go to bed….

I definitely need a lot more practice, but I  really enjoyed it. It is all about understanding light & perspective and how that affects colour and form. In this unit, I have learnt it is very important to draw what you actually see not, what you think you see!

After a day at work, I found it to be quite meditative. I have always found colouring in very therapeutic. There is something so satisfying about transforming white into colour that I absolutely love.

Obsessing over…Neon + Wood

So …I am literally obsessed with neon + wood at the moment. The two seem like the most unlikely match – but (in my opinion) they are a marriage from heaven.

My love for neon +wood was immediate. But it surprised me….I am usually not one to unite contrasting things. Some things do not belong together – I do not understand ‘mango chicken’ or pineapple on pizza or chocolate sauce on a steak (yes, it is does exist) – don’t get me wrong I do like a good sweet & sour mix (ie. peanut butter and honey is my weakness)….

…and then there are just some things that are seem so wrong, but once combined create an element of unexplainable magic…..

Neon + Wood = LOVE.

I absolutely love the rawness & natural texture of wood teamed with bright neon colours. For me, neon colours mentally transport me to an mental image of spandex in some 80’s flash dance routine or being deep in a mosh at a music festival…all the cool kids with their ripped neon tops…

Nevertheless, it is a trend I have been seeing more of. It works best in a minimalist white scandanvian space. Or when used with geometric shapes.

Neon colours add visual interest. Energy. An element of surprise. Modernity. Whilst the wood adds stability. Consistency. Vigour.

You be the judge…

wooden table

(Image via Love life)

This would be my ultimate interior – exposed wooden beams, pops of bright colours. YUM!The apartment was done by Silje Aune Eriksen and was featured in Elle Decoration Norway.

(Images via Raneytown)

So vibrant. This space looks ‘high on life’ So much energy.

(Image via Tumblr)

Check out this DIY wooden (with a touch of neon) hat stand at Apartment Therapy. I’m going to give myself a goal – “Make this Hat Stand by August 31st 2012”. Watch this space…

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Another fantastic DIY idea – Just some wooden beads and neon spray paint. I HAVE To do this one, so I can wear Wood +Neon around my neck!!!

(Image via Hedoneza)

So ……. what do you think? Neon + Wood = Hot or Not?


Played soccer today – Splendour in the Grass!

Played soccer today. Not going to lie – I am not the best of players. I try hard. I run hard. But, I just need to learn some ball control…

The best thing I have got going for me…is that I semi-resemble the indian chick from ‘Bend it Like Beckham’…

I got knocked face first into the grass today. Upon getting up, instead of thinking about my next move…my mind wandered to the various ways grass can be used in design…maybe, that is why my ‘game’ is not the best.

Distracted by design – even whilst playing soccer…

(Image via The Design Post)

(Image via Epic Things)

(Image via Tumblr)

Technically a weed- but cool idea.

(Image via Tumblr)

(Image via Jandou)

Grass knuckles. awesome.

(Image via Grass Tumbr)

Anyways..off to wash the grass stains from my socks.

Latest obsession: L-E-T-T-E-R-S

It is a Sunday night…after one too many ciders last night & a strong dance floor session, I am dog tired.

I don’t have the energy for words. Just letters.

We too often forget the unique shape and form letters have to offer. They are the basic units that form words. However, they too, can stand alone.

Here I share my latest obsession – large industrial letters….

(Image via The Style Files)

(Image via Convoy Tumblr)

(Image via Convoy Tumblr)

(Image via Boudie & Fou)

(Image via Homelife)

(Image via Huslighter)

G-O-O-D  N-I-G-H-T…

Optimal Power Nap = 22 minutes

Power naps. I have a love-hate relationship. I love entering them…but hate when I awake. I suffer from nap-rage. When I get up from a power nap..I immediately need sugar (probably signs of some sort of pre-diabetes or something) and I am always cranky. They never last long enough.

Power naps are best when they are not in your bed – the couch, a sun bed, a neighbours reclining chair.

Signs of a good powernap – a small puddle of dribble & crease marks (preferably on your face). I believe the optimal time for power naps is 22 minutes. Also, power naps somehow always are better in summer – when its hot outside and you have a fan on your face…

Look what I found below – would love to have a power nap on some of the pillows below….

Pillows don’t have to be boring soft, rectangles…

Ostrich pillow – seriously you can sleep anywhere…

(Image via Design Swan)

Alarm clock pillow – so innovative. genius.

(Image via Design Swan)

The pillow wig – I want one…

(Image via Trend Hunter)

The ultimate break-up pillow.

(Image via Design Swan)

This one is a little creepy…haha

(image via  Centro Architecure)

(image via  Centro Architecure)

‘Study’…yeah right.

Image via Design Swan)

It’s a saturday night – I’m sipping on a wine…this post  is making me kind of drowzy…..better go put on some ‘beats’ to regain some energy!