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Please take a seat.

As promised…here are some gorgeous Indian Indoor swings.
In Gujurat (where my family is originally from) – they are called hichkars (in hindi they are called Jhula’s).
Upon visiting India, one highlight of being dragged from one aunty’s house to another’s (besides the delicious Indian sweets) was sitting on their hichkar’s. They seems to be a common element in many traditional indian homes.
The  jhula’s historical roots are embedded in the Mughal era. They were used to put babies to sleep; men had their tea on them and relaxed in the evenings after coming back from work. The women had a special relation with it as they spent their afternoons sitting on it and gossiping. A jhula was a must for every Indian household.

Traditionally they are made from high quality wood with intricate designs that made them unique decorative pieces.

With modernity, and the shrinking of space the jhula has faded into the rest of the interior space- no longer representing a central meeting place. Nevertheless,  some people who have still retained this tradition of keeping Jhulas in their houses.

Jhulas have also evolved with time.  Besides the traditional ones in wood, nowadays Jhulas are available in brass, silver and other materials also. These modern day Jhulas are a perfect fit for any living room and can give it a touch of class and sophistication.


(Image via Karma Trendz)

(Image via Karma Trendz)


(Image via Choli Ke Peeche)

It would be my dream to have one of these in my house…so majestical!