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Fighting, feasting and foraging…

As they say, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. They extend beyond the functional – they are the power centre. The hub.

It is a place where my family goes to feast, fight and forage (for food). NB: without bias my mum is a brilliant cook – it must be the artist in her.

Growing up, from sneaky midnight snacks to post-break up emotional binge eating…the kitchen has always been there. Right from creating concoctions of ice-cold mango smoothies to hearty winter cheese toasties – it is a comforting space which consistently satisfies our needs.

The kitchen is a dynamic space – people moving in and out, doors opening and closing, water boiling, food being cooked, spilled, eaten on-the-go.

It is a space full of movement and energy.

Whether it a gallery or a kitchenette – most houses usually have some type/form of kitchen.

The way in which we use the kitchens can also be quite culturally specific. Growing up, it would not be strange for me to enter the kitchen to find my grandmother sitting cross-legged on the floor taking the ends of green beans.

Kitchens are not defined by how many high-tech kitchen gadgets or the size of integrated dishwashers.

Instead,  for me, kitchens are fundamentally based on the creation of sustenance, satisfaction both physical and emotion and above all the act of nuturing and providing for others. Mud floors with grass mats and a small bon fires is the heart of the home (the kitchen) for many millions of people around the world.

My latest module for my Interior Design diploma has been creating a kitchen in response to client brief. Consistent with my own design style, I chose to present and design a very natural, contemporary kitchen.

In terms of the functional, I learnt about the ‘work triangle’ . The work triangle, is the main working functions in a home kitchen are carried out between the cooktop, the sink and the refrigerator. The idea is that when these three elements are in close (but not too close) proximity to one other, the kitchen will run efficiently.

Lighting, storage and ergonomics are all critical elements that must be addressed and applied appropriately.

It is a still a work in progress, but here is a sneak peak of the kitchen I have been creating for my interior design course:

Here are some kitchen designs which caught my eye…

kitchen design

(Image via http://nowandthan.tumblr.com/archive)

modern kitchen design

(Image via Media) 

modern kitchen design

(Images via http://ifonawintersmorning.com/page/6)

 kitchen design

(Image via mialinnman.blogspot.com)

wooden kitchen

Love the ‘pop’ of yellow! Just a little ray of sunshine.

(Image via purestylehome.blogspot.com)

wooden kitchen design

Wood, wood, wood – raw, natural, gorgeous – this has to be one of my favourites!

(Image via designtavern)

OK, I’m off to forage…for some food.

N x