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My legs get cold too..

My new obsession – knitted table socks.

With the weather getting notably cooler, who says a table’s legs don’t get cold! Such a cute way to add a bit of colour in any room…

(Images via Decor8)

Cute knitted socks – a perfect addition to this Scandinavian-styled nook.

Fluro pink. Table socks are so hot right now!

(Image via Jorg Boner) –> Click on Jorg’s link & check out the website – Whilst it is simply design, it is very inviting and a definite source of inspiration.


The preppy look! How can you not love these?!

(Image via Sleek Identity)

And for some other knitted inspiration….

Knitted Eames wire chair – such a good way to add a bit of personality and customisation into your space – A new colour for a new season…just knit away!

(Image via Lushlee)

Absolutely crazy for these knitted stoolsby designer  Claire‐Anne O’Brien . They exude warmth with their tactile texture…you just want to stroke them! Clair has placed the knitted stitch, under the magnifying glass by making them BIG. I love the unique finish on them, resembling some sort of lifeform (I can almost feel them breathing…). The mustard yellow one is my favourite.

(Image via  Claire‐Anne O’Brien )

Couldn’t resist sharing this one from Claire O’Brien….A chairweater (Chair Sweater)…ok, I made that up – it’s just so irresistibly cute!

(Image via  Claire‐Anne O’Brien )

I just added the below image, because I think it is divine. That chair is just asking to be sat in, with a hot milo!

(Images via Decor8)

I think another round up of knitted objects is in order (watch this space)…Who said knitting is reserved for baby bonnets and grandma sweaters –  it adds colour, texture and most importantly a sense of interest in any room!