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Light me up.

Recently, I have been fascinated by innovative lighting. More specifically, I have been especially  intrigued when ordinary objects can be upcycled and transcend their everyday function into a beautiful light feature.

Just came across these fantastic DIY Light ideas from one of my favourite blogs ‘Trendey’

Old school rulers…

(Image via Trendey)

Colourful cluster of lampshades – would be a feature piece in any living room!

(Image via Trendey)

Who would have thought a colander could be a light feature? encouraged you to think of just how many things can be transformed into a light…

(Image via Trendey)

Here are more inspiring pendent lights…

This one by Droog is beautifully designed. The form of the milk bottles combined with the soft light, creates a whimsical feel. The light created an almost becomes frosted effect (as if it is filled with cold, cold milk!!)

(Image via Droog)

Mason Jars are definitely becoming more prevalent in interior styling – they have endless possibilities (I will save that for another post). This mason jar  hanging light, exudes a modern farmhouse feel. A great DIY idea for a rainy day!

(Image via Wanleo)

I would love to give this DIY twine lamp a go! I love the rawness of it – very neutral and has a innate textural appeal.  Check out how to do it here...

(Image via Copy Craft)


I’ve saved the best to last – this is my favourite. A globe – turned – pendant light…perfect fit for a globe trotter themed interior.

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Look around you…I bet your room is full of objects that are waiting to be transformed into amazing innovative lights…