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Dating Disaster…it was well hung.

WAS being the operative word.

And by well hung, I am ofcourse referring to a pendant light.

His pendant light was well hung…until I broke it.

I remember the whole scene like it was yesterday. I was 22 years old. It was only our second date. We decided to play ‘bowling’ on the Wii. Error Number 1. I didn’t put on the wrist strap. Error Number 2. It seemed like an unnecessary precaution at the time.

I sucked at it. The more frustrated I got…the more I started flailing my arms like one of those inflatable tube men on the high way (you know the ones…). Error Number 3. And then just like that IT happened….time slowed down…and as I went in for the bowl…I accidentally let go of my controller. It flung into the air, hitting the pendant light and smashing it to pieces on the floor.


So awkward.

I just stood there in shock. He just turned to me and said “You need to replace it by 10am tomorrow”.  $450 later…it officially became the most expensive date I have ever been on.

Needless to say there was never a third date.

During Sydney Indesign last week, I saw lots of gorgeous pendant lights and for some reason it sparked the memory of this disastrous date (one amongst many!).

Open up any interior design magazine and you will immediately notice the common application of pendant lights within the interior space. Pendant lights balance the functional with the aesthetic. More specifically, lighting designers are commonly blurring the boundaries between lighting and art. With the experimentation of various materials, shapes and types of light sources, many pendant lights transcend the function of illumination to also be viewed as a display of sculptural art.

In the last few years, pendant lights have become a popular source of lighting within the living and dining areas of the home, as they tend to draw attention to specific details. Dimmers can also be added to allow control over lighting levels.

I know I have already written about pendant lights on this blog before (Check it out here) or check out my article on Net-a-Shopper here. But here is another round up of inspiring pendant lights…

pendant lighting

I absolutely love Marz designs – check out their website below.

(Image via Marz Designs) 

pendant light

((Image via Palookaville)

pendant lights

(Image via architectureartdesigns.com)

pendant lighting

(Image via User Deck) 

pendant light

(Image via imgms.casa.abril.com.br)

pendant lighting

(Image via Evasabbado)

lighting design

(Image via David Derksen) 

pendant lighting

(Image via thescandinaviansideoflife.tumblr.com)

Hope you enjoyed some of that light inspiration!

OK, I am off to bed…Lights Out!

N x