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Shawty get low…

Week 1, without the internet was quite refreshing (see my last post)..however, now, admittedly I am missing it – more specifically I am missing blogging, stalking (don’t pretend you don’t do it) and ‘(multiple) window shopping’ (always best to have multiple windows open).

Moving on from my internet rant, I wanted to share that……… I am getting rather excited about tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night, I am hosting a premature birthday celebration (birthday is not for another 10 days). I have carefully selected Fatima’s in Surry Hills)= (traditional Lebanese restaurant). Aesthetically the place is nothing special. Chipped paint, fogged up windows and slightly suspect ‘multi-coloured carpet’.

But seriously who cares?!

This place does the best damn falafels in Sydney.

Actually, I don’t know what is more exciting –  the falafels, the fact that it is BYO or the pillow room.

Upon paying the deposit, I had a sneak preview of the ‘pillow room’. I never thought you could fall in love with a room…but I did.  Pink cushions, pink drapes, pink mattresses, pink carpet – the room was…well…PINK!

The best part – the low seating. I have a fascination about eating on the floor on mattresses (see my post on my Turkish party – where I tried to re-create this!).

Sitting and eating low to floor creates a different dynamic. It shifts your centre of being. It makes you slightly more crazy. I believe it is encourages you to relax, unwind, spread your legs, your arms…unlike sitting in solid chairs…a mattress is soft, malleable, comfortable.

Love this one…It’s my dream …

(Images via Lifestylecoutres)

(Image via Archzine)

(Image via ThisArchitecture)

Love the clean lines & wood – can’t help but feel all warm & fuzzy!

(Image via ThisArchitecture)

Light & bright!
(Images via Lifestylecoutres)
My dream tea party setting!
(Image via  Peacocks & Paisleys)
Bet you all want to eat on the floor now!
Ok, best be off my lunch hour is up. 1 more sleep….until this Shawty get’s low’ eating falfels and on the dance floor!