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Tantilising Textiles.

People have a direct physical relationship with soft furnishings and are constantly in contact with them: sitting on a chair, relaxing on a sofa, nestling among cushions, or drawing back curtains.

A secret (not anymore) love of mine – is getting into a bed with freshly washed pyjamas and freshly washes sheets. I just love that feeling!

I’ve just started my new module on Applying Soft Furnishings – I am already hooked. Choosing fabrics for soft furnishings is challenging – it is important that the fabric responds to, accommodates and reflects different uses and moods.

The colour, pattern, texture and overall feel of each item contributes to our comfort and pleasure. An inappropriate choice can detract from the comforting sense of being at home in our surroundings.

Fabrics provide a feeling of warmth and offer an endless variety of texture, pattern, colour and reflectivity. They can be used to reflect a sense of self and add character to an impersonal hard-edged world.

I have learnt that there are many different types of weaves…plain, twill, jacquard…

There is something about the ‘weave’ that resonates within me – the order, the pattern, the way the texture of some textiles evoke a reflex reaction – from visual to tacile….without thinking you just yearn to ‘touch it’…

Here are some ways the ‘weave’ can come to life…

(Image via Textile and Trim)

(Image via Textile and Trim)

(Image via Some GIrls are born winners)

(Image via More Design Please)

(Image via The Daily Nail)

(Image via Materialicious)

That’s enough from me, better get back to my assignment….