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Nothin’ but Net.

I’m not going to apologise, but in all honesty I am not sorry. I haven’t blogged for a few days & it may be a few more days before I can blog again (i’m posting this after hours at work!)

Our internet at home has been down. And will continue to be down for another week. Something about having to switch internet suppliers and…churning of information.

In all honesty, being internet-free at home has been quite refreshing. It has been good for my soul. I feel somewhat calmer. Instead of checking my ‘likes’, aimlessly google searching or going through the paypal ‘checkout’  – I have been reading a book, baking and to satisfy my intense cravings of beautiful design…. I have been flipping through magazines.

Net. The predominant meaning used to be aligned with bridal head wear, a little boys fishing equipment or threads loosely woven together. Nowadays mention the word ‘net’ and there is an instantaneous connection to the world wide web.

Following my theme this week of ‘bringin’ old skool’ back, I have explored ‘net’ the way it used to be. When times were simpler. And net was equated to mesh.

(Image via theluxhome.com)

(Image via google.com)

(Image via Tumblr)

(Image via designsponge.com)

(Image via ffffound.com)

(Image  via myparadissi.com)

Ok, better be off….going to the theatre tonight!