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Toilet Humour- It’s just not funny.

I hate toilet humour. And by that I mean I hate toilet humour. I just don’t find it funny.

I agreed, that going to the toilet is a universal human need (whether it be a diamond encrusted seat or a dirt hole). But, I disagree, that (unless for medical purposes) we really need to talk about it in a crude manner (call me what you want…but I just find it gross).

I have two sisters. I went to a school with only girls. Shedding hair, applying different creams (for all parts of the body) and analysing my face under a magnifying mirror has always been ‘normal’ bathroom behaviour for me. Apart from my short stint at Boston University back in 2007…I admittedly have never co-habitated with boys. That is… until last month.

There are many things which I have needed to ‘adjust’ to (ie. waking up to the smell of re-heated KFC  (bought 3am the night before) at 9am, a musty smell in the laundry as they ‘forgot’ to take their clothes out of the washing mactine..)

All those things I can deal with. However, one part of co-habitating with boys, which has caused minor anxiety is …the whole bathroom/toilet thing. I am living with two boys (brothers). I still find the whole sharing a toilet thing a little weird (lucky we a have a couple of toilets & they are both hygenic!).

In an attempt to face my fear with sharing a bathroom with boys, I decided what is better, than to immerse myself in some beautifully deisgned toilets.

Whilst toilet humour will never make me laugh, these gorgeous designs definitely make me smile.

The disappearing urinal, in London, England. These pop up at about 10 p.m., just in time for the drinking crowds, and pop back down at sunrise. Beats peeing in the doorway, just hope there is a system preventing people getting trapped in there!
(Image via GBC Mag)

Steamboat style. Love it!

(Image via Noupe)

Boys will be boys…

(Image via news.com)

Just a chair?! Think again!!

(Image via news.com)

Transparent toilet. Don’t worry, you can see out…but not in. Still – I would feel a little uncomfortable.

(Image via Techblog)

OK, this one just freaked me out a little – The Modern Toilet Restaurant…

Opening in 2004, they are now a franchise all over Taiwan. All 100 seats in the diner are made from toilet bowls, not chairs. . Sink faucets and gender-coded “WC” signs appear throughout the three-storey facility. Ice-cream is shaped like faeces?

Possibly my worst nightmare.

Probably not the best place to bring a child in potty training…

(Image via Modern Toilet)

And one more…

Perfect toilet for the blogger…maybe I should invest.

(mage via Smashing List)

Ok…now I gotta ‘go’…