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Read this – Before you have your coffee today….

I love the ritual of consuming coffee – for me, its synonymously tied with getting ‘ready’ for the task/day ahead. I love the way the smell of coffee consumes you – momentarily your mind goes blank as you crave to transform the smell into the first taste. I love reading the newspaper headlines whilst waiting for my coffee to be made. I love drinking out of the takeway cup and holding the hot cup it as I walk back to the office.

Admittedly, when I was 16 worked at Gloria Jeans. Even though at the time I did not drink coffee, I became an accredited barista. I was not any good. I actually sucked. I now realise that making coffee is an art form – like every type of art, a deep passion must reside. Those who make coffee, must love it.

Whether you are a lover, addict, admirer or hater of coffee you can’t help but be inspired by the amazing coffee-inspired design below….

Coffee is no longer limited to filtering hot water through, or used to throw off drug-sniffing dogs, London-based industrial design firm Re-worked has used them to create Çurface.

Using 30% used coffee grounds, and 70% High Impact Polysterene, the materials are welded together for use on table tops, chairs, counter tops and stools. Now all we need is a coffee table book about coffee tables, to put on the coffee table made of coffee.

(Images via Foodigity)

[via oculoid]

At first glance these coffee cups might appear to be painted ceramic or glass. However, these works by Cheeming Boey are simply a black pen applied to an earth-hating styrofoam cup.

In case you were wondering, there is a collection of these available at Etsy and range from $140.00-$540.00

(Via  Foodigity)

How cool is this?

Coffee rings are usually nothing more than a permanent reminder that you don’t own a coaster. But hand a coffee cup to Malaysian artist Hong Yiaka Red, and you get art. Taking 12 hours to complete, Red deliberately applied coffee rings to canvas, creating a portrait of Taiwanese musician Jay Chou. I don’t have the patience, but would love to create one of these….

Hope you enjoyed.