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nikita sheth

tunes which I am currently loving…

Music is home to me. It makes me feel happy, safe and content.

It is my instant time machine. It takes me back to my awkward teenage years – getting dressed for a ‘gathering’ or  driving in the car with my first ‘boyfriend’.  It connects me to my friends –the countless times we sung at the top of our lungs to Mariah Carey or pretending we were in ‘da hood’ listening to ‘Gangstas Paradise’ (ok…I still do that sometimes …)

I was in a choir for 13 years…a high soprano. Since I can remember, singing makes me happy. (NB:- I think my voice ‘broke’ at age of 18…and I am now tone deaf).

I can occupy myself for hours ‘producing’ film clips in my bedroom. Dancing makes me happy. Sometimes I use my hair straighter as a microphone. Sometimes I dress up as Beyonce (Don’t judge, I bet you do it to…). I thought I would have ‘grown out’ of this by now. I wonder if I will still be doing this at 73 years old…

Music & design have lots in common especially in terms of creativity. Both design and music seek to create a certain connection with the end-user. They are a catalyst to unlocking emotional responses and just like good design, music also has to be catchy, original and innovative.

I will update this list sporadically, but here are some tunes which I am currently loving…





Frank Ocean – Thinking About You



Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe



Madcon – Beggin’ You



Chris Malinchak – So Good to Me