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Obsessing over…Neon + Wood

So …I am literally obsessed with neon + wood at the moment. The two seem like the most unlikely match – but (in my opinion) they are a marriage from heaven.

My love for neon +wood was immediate. But it surprised me….I am usually not one to unite contrasting things. Some things do not belong together – I do not understand ‘mango chicken’ or pineapple on pizza or chocolate sauce on a steak (yes, it is does exist) – don’t get me wrong I do like a good sweet & sour mix (ie. peanut butter and honey is my weakness)….

…and then there are just some things that are seem so wrong, but once combined create an element of unexplainable magic…..

Neon + Wood = LOVE.

I absolutely love the rawness & natural texture of wood teamed with bright neon colours. For me, neon colours mentally transport me to an mental image of spandex in some 80’s flash dance routine or being deep in a mosh at a music festival…all the cool kids with their ripped neon tops…

Nevertheless, it is a trend I have been seeing more of. It works best in a minimalist white scandanvian space. Or when used with geometric shapes.

Neon colours add visual interest. Energy. An element of surprise. Modernity. Whilst the wood adds stability. Consistency. Vigour.

You be the judge…

wooden table

(Image via Love life)

This would be my ultimate interior – exposed wooden beams, pops of bright colours. YUM!The apartment was done by Silje Aune Eriksen and was featured in Elle Decoration Norway.

(Images via Raneytown)

So vibrant. This space looks ‘high on life’ So much energy.

(Image via Tumblr)

Check out this DIY wooden (with a touch of neon) hat stand at Apartment Therapy. I’m going to give myself a goal – “Make this Hat Stand by August 31st 2012”. Watch this space…

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Another fantastic DIY idea – Just some wooden beads and neon spray paint. I HAVE To do this one, so I can wear Wood +Neon around my neck!!!

(Image via Hedoneza)

So ……. what do you think? Neon + Wood = Hot or Not?