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Neglected Beauty.

Abandonment. Neglected. Isolated.

These are harsh words that immediately evoke a sense of desolation and lonliness. If a colour had to be assigned to symbolically represent these words it would be a bland grey.

Upon my daily walk to work, there is an abandoned house which I am consistently drawn to. Curiosity. engulfs me. Everyday, I greedily dart my eyes trying to catch a good glimpse and attempting to memorise all the derelict furniture and random objects that litter the garden. I never stop to stare. That would be ‘socially’ wrong.

Rusted. Fragmented. Chaos.

Whilst some may find that ‘dirty’ or unappealing – for some reason I find a certain hidden beauty in the abandoned house. I wonder who lived there. I wonder why they left. I wonder why no one has gone to clean it up. I almost like no knowing as it invited me to create my own story…

Abandoned spaces and places are random, but not unique. They are dotted all over the world. A space can only ever possess a certain amount of energy, the rest is filled by human presence.  I believe, that without human contact for a delayed amount of time- a building can lose it soul. It becomes souless.

Inspired by abandonment, I share the below images with you…in hope that you too, can see an element of beauty and mystery….

(Image via Pinterest)

(Image via From girlalamode.co.uk)

(Image via  Retronaut)

(Image via Yellow Trace)

(Image via The Coolist)

(Image via The Coolist)

(Image via commons.wikimedia.org)

(Image via lolli.soup.io)

An abandoned fairground..100% freaky.

(Image via lovethesepics.com)

So next time you see an abadoned space or place – don’t write it off as an eyesore. Instead, try to see the beauty in the colour of the rust, the texture of the broken or derelict framework/structure.

Happy Sunday Night!

N x