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Olympics – Sports-obsessed Sneaker Freaker strikes again.

Last Friday night, Sneaker Freaker walked into the house with a massive cardboard box. I am quite desentised to his large ‘cardboard box’ escapades- massaging footstools, automated robot cleaner, electronic salt & pepper shakers…I have seen the lot.

Proudly he announced, “We are new owners of an Xbox!”. Rolling my eyes ( I am adverse to any type of ‘gaming’) he quickly followed with; “BUT…it has Foxtel installed on it”. I suddenly changed my tune. I found myself very excited (grand designs, re-runs of offspring, movies….awesome.)

After setting up the Xbox, Sneaker Freaker went to Melbourne for the weekend  and I was left with the “Foxtel”. Woo…or not.

However, as I flicked through the channels…I found myself scrolling though the channels which looked like this…

London 1

London 2

London 3


Sports-obsessed, Sneaker Freaker failed to mention that he had only purchased the ‘Olympic Channels’. Ha.

I’m not going to lie – I am addicted. Yes, you have the Olympic ‘haters’ …and then you have the Olympic lovers (i fall into the second category). What is not to love -rippled muscles, hunky men, warm/fuzzy sportsmanship…oh and ofcourse excellent athletic abilities.

Yes, I have been struck down with Olympic fever. I have found myself immersed in the world of table tennis, gymnastics, air pistol (yes…it IS a sport). It is guilt-free procrastination. Instead of doing my Diploma assignments, I am supporting my country ( a way bigger, better cause than selfishly doing some manual drafting).

Watching these athletes transcends the screen. It provides the ‘average joe’  with a renewed sense of achievement and capability. I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched sweaty, beer-bellied 50+ year olds try and ‘long jump’ at my gym this morning – all part of the gyms ‘Mini Olympics’. Good on them!

Ok, enough of my Olympic rant. Ofcourse there are the athletes…but then there are the buildings. The spaces & places the athletes use to compete. In my eyes, the buildings are just as important (and beautiful) as the athletes themselves…

London 2012 Olympic Velodrome by Hopkins Architects

London 2012 Aquatic Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects

(Image via Nest Interior Design)

2012 Olympic shooting venue designed by Magma Architecture

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BY FAR…I love Anish Kapoor (have already booked tics to see his work at the MCA in Sydney in February- so excited)

Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond – Orbit London Olympics 2012

(Image via Arch Daily)

Inside the Olympic Village…must admit don’t find the interior (especially the bedspreads) too exciting.

(Image via idesignarch)

Also on a side note, I am a massive Banksy fan – was very excited to see these two new pieces pop up on his site!

I’m a big Banksy fan so I was thrilled when these two new pieces showed up on his site.

OK better go…Olympics are calling!

Ni x