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Treat Yo’ Self

For the last couple of months, my life’s mantra has been “Treat yo’ self” (derived from the series Parks & Recreation)

It began as an offhand attempt at a bit of light-humour at work. When colleagues asked me…. “Nix, should I have a chocolate bar from the charity box?” or “Nikita, do you think I should skip my gym session for a mid-week glass of wine?” Clearly, they knew which one they would like me to say. Clearly, they wanted me to rationalise their decision. So instead, i just began to say; ”Go on…Treat yo’ self”.

99.9% of the time they would leave any doubt behind and in high spirits reply “Yes, you are right Nix…I deserve this!!!”. And off they would go…Feeling proud. Feeling happy. Feeling content, about their decision.

I then began to experiment with the tone and accent; “Go on gurrrll, treat yo’self… If yo’ ain’t gonna treat yo’self..then who will?” It has now evolved to sound like an African-American Momma. Don’t mean to boast, but I have nailed that one phrase.

It has caught on like a wildfire.

It has now snow-balled….to the point of no return.

It has now officially entered the “Nixasarus” (My personal phrase dictionary).

My waistline has increased. My alcohol consumption has increased. My credit card expenses have sky-rocketed. Overall,  my general self-control is non-existent.

By definition a ‘treat’ should be something which is not consumed or experienced at irregular intervals. However, since integrating this one phrase into my life, my happiness, spontaneity and general life outlook has improved. Don’t believe me? Try it for yo’ self. Go on…I dare you. In the face of temptation or indecisiveness – just say “I think i’m gonna treat myself”

It is the perfect phrase that motivates you to do what you actually want to do…not what you think is right.

And you know what i am going to do? I am going to treat yo’ all with a round up some general design ‘visual treats’ ….

treat yo self
I love everything about this space – the rug, the bedspread, the textile wall hanging, the hanging lamp.
(Image via Apartmentherapy)
chair party
I love this image – it looks like all the chairs are having a dinner party…each with their own personality!
(Image via Pinterest)
architecture inspiration
(Image via designboom.com)
work design
Jealous of this moodboard….and the plaster feet!
Hypercubus mobile hotel room….totally cool.
(Image via designboom.com)
bathroom design inspiration
This is the coolest bathroom.
(Image via Tumblr) 
Love the clipboards…
(Image via Tumblr) 
Makoko floating school by NLE Architects
(Image via designboom.com)
styling inspiration
Beautiful styling….
 (Image via trendenser.se)
i could live here
I can actually see myself, drinking baileys & eating peanut M&M’s on this chair.
 (Image via trendenser.se)
Next time you face the deicison ; Should I get one scoop or two scoops of tiramisu gelato?…..Should I get a massage?……..Should I splurge on this pair of shoes?.….
I say…”Treat yo’ self”.
nikita sheth