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Pink Finger Buns.

Everyday. For 6 months. Always at 4pm. In my final year of school….

I bought a pink icing finger bun on the way home (it HAD to be the one with pink icing). It was a stressful year as I was intensely studying for the HSC exams (yes, I was…and still am a total nerd).

But…the routine of buying and consuming a pink finger bun on Turramurra Station offered me total emotional comfort. Forget meditation. Forget deep breathing. To this day, I am a strong advocate for Pink finger buns…they reduce stress like nothing else.

I even encouraged a friend of mine to join the ‘finger bun’ band-wagon and we called ourselves the ‘Fatty Finger Bun Sistas’. I loved the way the baker at Bakers Delight would keep two finger buns aside for us (to ensure we didn’t miss out on our ‘hit’)….

finger bun

In hindsight, it was probably not the best choice in terms of nutritional value.  Between my Coles Home-brand fruit cake addiction (I’ll save that story for another post) and pink finger buns obsession, I put on A LOT of weight. I was a little too old for my extra weight to be passed off as baby-fat and I had always been a ‘gangly’ Indian kid…so the ‘big-boned’ justification also didn’t work….(Don’t believe me?! Just check out my End of Yr 12 dinner photos – I have more rolls than Baker’s Delight).

This gluttonous stage of my life continues to haunt me today. Whenever I catch a glimpse of a pastel pink colour…I suddenly get hungry and crave a pink finger bun. It is like my brain has been wired to create an innate association. I just start salivating whenever I see a certain shade of pink….

When it comes to colour preference, whether it be fashion, art or interior accessories I always tend to lean towards bold and vibrant colours. For me, pastels just seem a little uninteresting and uninspiring. (FYI – Pastels are just an unsaturated version of any color, the lighter and sweeter version!). However, pastels are making a come back in the world of interior design. And after some research….I have definitely changed my view on the pastel colour scheme.

Pastels can be soothing, calming and can even give off a subtle glow. Whilst they are mostly considered as quite ‘feminine’, when combined with wood they can be used as a colour scheme to create a very striking and strong space. I believe they especially work well within a Scandinavian design style – they can freshen up a space and accentuate the light to create an airy space.

Here is a round up of some great uses of a pastel colour scheme..


pastel design


(Image via finnishdesignshop.com)



interior design


(Image via finnishdesignshop.com)

interior design

(Image via  birchandbird.com)

interior design



(Image via Hege In France) 

interior design


(Image via Interior Originals) 

pastel interior


(Image via dis-vague) 

interior design



(Image via Vonderhue)

interior pastel

(Image via Sigrid Stromgen) 




OK, now I am craving a finger bun…no guesses, where I am going before work tomorrow morning?! (Baker’s Delight!).


Happy Sunday Night!

N x