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Caught on Camera…

The camera has been a life ‘theme’ this week.

Number One: I found out that my work computer has ‘photobooth’. Not going to lie, it has changed my working day. Productivity may have taken a hit, but it is SO much fun.


Number Two: I was lucky enough to spend 90 minutes with Megan Young (and her partner Matt) – amazing, inspiring photographers.  They invited me into their gorgeous Surry Hills apartment which they had transformed into a make-shift photography studio. I was pretty awkward and nervous….actually who am I kidding?!.. after about 20 mins I started to love it!  Not going to lie, I did pretend I was on an episode of ‘Australia’s next top model’. This ‘spontaneous’ photoshoot was brought on by the realisation that I literally did not possess one suitable ‘professional’ shot of myself  – doing the splits on the dance floor, weaving, tree-surfing…just didn’t ‘cut it’ from a professional perspective…

OK…now for Number Three. This definitely comes in my top 5 embarrassing moments of 2013.

I got caught on a security camera. Doing something VERY weird.

Allow me to set the scene:

I was visiting a commercial screen/awning client in the industrial ‘burbs of the Northshore. The visitors car park was literally a vertical, dark, narrow spiral. NO exaggeration. I inched my yellow car all the way down…without a scratch. I was pretty proud of myself. I got out of the car. NOTE: I was wearing  a dress and VERY high clogs. I scanned the car park. Could not locate a life.  I has to shuffle in my high heels UP the ‘ramp’. It literally took me 10 mins, but I got there…without breaking an ankle.

The meeting went well.

It was then time to leave.

I now was faced with the challenge of having to  walk DOWN the dark, VERTICAL, ramp. For some (stupid) reason, I decided I didn’t want to take off my clogs. I started walking down…I felt shakey…I felt like I was going to fall face first into the cement…I analysed my situation and decided the best possible way to get down was to SIT ON MY BOTTOM and ‘scoot’ all the way down.  More accurately it was a cross between a crawl and crab walk. I knew my undies were showing….

I made it. without a bruise. I smiled at myself. Thinking how lucky i was that there was no one around to witness this highly awkward display of movement….Or was there????Upon driving out of the carpark, I heard people clapping and cheering. I looked out of my window and there were my clients laughing. Hard.   I had been caught on the security camera….

They yelled out…..”Hahaha, did you have a bit of trouble getting down the ramp Nikita?  ……”Nikita, why didn’t you use the lift?”…

MORTIFIED. I (genetically) can’t go red…but if I could, I would have been the shade of a beetroot.

I can NEVER face those clients again.

So…. in following this week’s life ‘theme’ of camera’s, I thought I would share a round up of some inspiring photography studios. Photography needs to consider so many factors and variables – light, space, composition, not to mention the massive amount of equipment. Photo studios need to be functional. Ample space and room length is a essential for long focal lengths and set up of umbrella’s. High ceilings  can also be necessary to allow for manipulation of the height of equipment etc. However, studios must also be comfortable and allow people to feel at ease. Any feelings of ‘awkwardness’ are sure to be caught on camera. Storage is also another factor that must be taken into consideration..

The camera has been my life’s ‘theme’ this week.

interior design photo shoot


(Image via Pinterest)



photoshoot interior

(Image via fffound)


 photoshoot interior

(Image via Airspaces)


photoshoot interior

(Image via Scout Catalogue)


photography studio

(Image vis serenadeofaneclecticloversmirage.tumblr.com)


interior design

(Image via Pinterest)


camera collection

(Image via Pinterest)

Whilst these photo studio’s are gorgeous…not too sure that I will be able to say the same about my professional photos! ha.

Happy Sunday Night.