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Writing on the wall- Inspirational Quote DIY Canvases….

Sensitive to the fact that I have added a lot of feminine touches to the apartment – I designed these ‘masculine’ canvases as a gift to the boys.

Keeping the colour scheme quite monochromatic & the basic design quite simple – I integrated their favourite inspirational quotes & a photo of Jai. We haven’t hung them up yet, instead have placed them on a narrow ledge on the staircase (see below);

graphic canvas

To be honest, I have never been a fan of displaying inspirational quotes – I think they can be a little ‘cheesy’ and unoriginal. Nevertheless, written words on a wall can immediately evoke a certain response – laughter, nostalgia, sadness….

Bold prints with inspirational interesting typography can add energy into a space, whilst maintaining a simple, minimalistic style.

(Image via Etsy)

(Image via Home-Designing)

Check out Blacklist Studio – they are an amazing couple who hand make cute typographic prints! They speak for themselves.

(All Images via Blacklist Studio Prints)

Came across this increasing trend to write poems,  chapters of books or song lyrics on walls. I quite like this idea as it adds a personal element to the space  – however, it needs to be used in a larger space as otherwise it could become a bit cluttered.

This Harry Potter fan,  Liz Kirkham, wrote the whole of the first Chapter on her wall. Don’t know if I have the time (or could be bothered to do this project), but it does give the space an edgy feel!

Check out Liz’s story here

(Image via Curbly)

What to do with old books? Book page wallpaper…such a great idea – cheap & adds an inherent sense of vintage glamour!

Bored? Start reading a chapter on the wall! Ingenius.