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fruit design

My sister has gone bananas.

She may be younger to me, but in so many ways I look up to her.

She is ambitious. She has patience. She is disciplined. She is gorgeous (both inside & out…she is commonly compared to ‘Frida Pinto’).

And now, she has just landed her DREAM job – she is going to be a maternity & peadetrics dietician in one of the best hospitals in Brisbanel. QLD the state of Bananas. Quite fitting really.

Sounds 100% corny, but I am honestly so lucky that she is my sister/best friend (both my sisters are) & I am so proud of her.

We continually tease her for eating ‘air’ and running crazy distances…but secretly all that jest comes from a place of absolute aspiration. I know that I am secretly jealous that she doesn’t have a pet snake on her stomach (I’ve affectionately named my snake ‘Rollo’). I know that I am secretly jealous that she has the self-dicispline to stop at just a handful of peanut M&M’s whilst I can’t resist…tearing and NOT sharing.

It is this self control that makes her excel at her profession as a dietician. I have no doubt she is going to go so far.  She is precise and committed (both emotionally and mentally) – (healthy) ingredients to a successful career. Any patient will be lucky to have her.

I love the way she gives Dad dirty looks when he reaches for the chilli chips. He definitely owes his lowered cholesterol to her.

I love the way she advises Mum on how to look after her digestive health. Her fibre intake has definitely increased.

I love the way she secretly replaces Alisha’s ‘sweet snacks’ with carrot sticks (Ali only notices when she opens her bags at uni). Her dental bills have decreased exponentially.

I love the way she is also a ‘Veterinarian Dietician’ – Mojo & Perry have the shiniest coat this side of town…..thanks to their protein intake.

We just love her.

We will miss her when she is living in Brisvegas. Without her guidance, I am sure we will all become fatty guju’s.

Check out her AMAZING new blog ‘Happy Mums. Happy Bubs’  here

Inspired by her dedication to healthy eating, I have managed to find some inspirational interior designs which integrate the famous Enzo Mari’s fruit prints (and a few other random fruit ‘designed’ items) I actually really like the bold shapes and saturated colours of these prints. Simple. Symbolic. A daily reminder that an “Apple a day…”


(Image via kitkadesigntoronto.com)

fruit design

(Image via miluccia.net)

fruit design

(Image via Scandinavian Home)

fruit design

(Image via  poppytalk.blogspot.com)

fruit design

(Image via dotcomsformoms.com)

fruit design

Yes, I have shown this image before in a previous blog post…but I love it.

(Image via HouHouHa)


(Image via Google)

fruit design

(Image via finetingogsjokolade.blogspot.com)


I want to get this for my sister’s house one day!

IImage via Chairblog)

Now I have the guilts…I am drinking tea & eating a Cherry Ripe (it was in the $1 bin at Woolies) …but feel like I should  be eating an Apple. Cherry Ripes count as fruit right?

N x

P.s. here are some amazing/random pics I came across…thought I would share!

fruit art

Yes! Its a pineapple…

)Image via Google)



(Image via fun2video.com)

fruit art

Fruit  + Veggie = LOVE.

(Image via sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net)