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My birthday surprise…


I turned 26 yesterday. Quarter life crisis ‘year’ is officially over. In my 25th year of life…..

I moved out from my parents nest.

I changed jobs.

I travelled to Europe.

I started a Diploma in Interior Design (for fun!).

I got a front fringe.

All life changing moves (excluding the fringe, that was gone in days)

It was an amazing year – but I think the very best thing that came out of it was…I discovered and followed my passion of design. I have whole-heartedly embraced design and l could honestly not be happier.

I have followed my dream. And feel so content.

SF (my sneaker freaker BF) spoilt me. He gave me a gorgeous new camera (see below). I love it. I played with it in Melbourne (went over there for the weekend). I love taking photos. I love capturing moments. I love being able to relive moments through viewing of photographs.

Of late, I have been fascinated by bringing everyday objects to forefront. Taking simple mundane objects,  and placing them under ths spotlight. Drawing the eye to their detail. Their shape Their colour.

Rather than write more words, today I want to share some photos. Let the photos speak for themselves.


(Image via from polyvore.com)

(Image via Tumblr)

(Image via  weheartit.com)

(Image via prettystuff.tumblr.com)

(Image via prettystuff.tumblr.com)

(Image via  SImple Blueprint)

(Image via Pinterest)


I can’t wait for my 26th year!

N x