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Rurban Revolution

I learnt a new word last week – Rurban.. {Rural & Urban}

Upon visiting a few ‘funky’ cafes (both in Sydney and during my travels to Europe last year) I noted that the styling and concept of these cafes were quite similar…- the blending of raw brick walls, wooden benches, menu’s handwritten on blackboards or placed on wooden clipboards, random pot plants placed around the interior adding a sense of freshness & colour…

I have now decided that this style fits into the Rurban revolution.

These cafe’s with their raw natural materials places against clean modern lines are  supporting the essence of rural, this is  juxtaposed with the traffic jam & pollution on the outside.

I believe, people are increasingly looking for antidotes to recreate a sense of community, place & belonging. There is an overwhelming trend to reinject the village into the city.

We are craving a simpler life. If we can’t physically make our lives simpler…at least we can create a sense of simplicity through interior design.

Upon visiting Melbourne I can say that the Melbournites are doing a great job of embracing this trend..(Us, Sydneysiders are definitely trying…) See the below images of a couple of Melbourne cafes to gain a glimpse into the world of ‘rurban’…

Capital Kitchen (by Mim Design) is a new cafe in Melbourne.  It is the perfect reflection of this Rurban trend – combining clean lines with brick walls & raw wooden kitchen finish…creates a sense of being in a modern style farmhouse!

(Image via House Designs)

Kitchen Decorating Ideas by Mim Design

The industrial type pendant lights add another dimension & contribute the ‘modern’ aspect.

(Image via House Designs)

This brings me to my FAVOURITE cafes in Melbourne, when I visit I make it a point to head to St Alis or Outpost by St Ali’s – I definitely recommend it (excellent coffee and best corn fritters ever)

Outpost by St Ali’s is the ‘little sister’ of St Ali’s. With the lime green splashback and old school linoleum tiles coupled with wooden stools and green pop plants, you immediately get transported to a country style bed & breakfast….step outside & you are faced with the buzzing city vibe of Chapel Street….

(Image via Melbourne Gastronome)

The exterior of St Ali’s…

(Image via Melbourne Gastronome)

Juxtaposed with the Inside of St Ali’s…who would have thought? When city meets country.


(Image via Melbourne Gastronome)

Next time you sit down for a coffee – have a look around. Has your cafe embraced the Rurban revolution?