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This sandwich takes the cake…literally. Check it out.

Our world is defined by design – good or bad…It doesn’t matter – We all wouldn’t be here today (reading this blog) without design.

Something which I believe commonly gets onverlooked is the design of sandwich. I’ve been eating a lot of toasted sandwiches lately…and by a lot…I mean A LOT. (The joys of moving out and not having mum around…)

At my previous job at Tip Top, I immediately realised the importance of a well-design sandwich. Fillings must stay in the sandwich. The sandwich must be easy to hold (preferable with one hand). It must be colourful.

Subsequently, like all good design – a sandwich must be aesthetically appealing yet functional.

Through my experimentation of toasties led me to peruse the internet for some sandwich inspiration…I came across this…Introducing the Smorgastarta…A swedish stable – known as a ‘sandwich cake’

Admittedly, it is kind of freaky looking & I am a little disappointed that it is not chocolate and cream (seems to go against all preconceived notions of a cake!). But it is  basically an enormous savoury sandwich filling (smoked fish, eggs, veggies, mayo, cheese) held together with soft baked bread, which you cut and eat like a cake. AMAZING!!!

Move over toasties…I know what I am trying next..

(Image via TheKtchn)

Ok, its Friday night and I am dying for a glass of wine (maybe with a my own version of a Smorgasta)

Happy Friday!!