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Blue & Orange.

An unlikely combination. One that does not immediately springs to mind… But one that I have fallen head over heels for.

Blue & Orange. Truly inspiring.

I have to confess there is just something wildly appealing to me about this odd color combination.

Blue & orange are complementary colours are colours  as they are located opposite each other on the colour wheel. When they are used together, they enhance and complete each other. In complementary colour schemes, you usually choose one colour as your main colour, and its opposite as an accent.

There is a whole Flickr Group dedicated to orange & blue – check it out here Orange & Blue 

Perfect example of how blue & orange when combined together evokes a sense of freshness!

(Image via Bippityboppity)

I am drooling over these orange chairs against the teal blue background – It just exudes energy.

(Image via http://design-magnifique.com/2012/01/25/orange-and-blue-love-fest-design/)


The colours on this Hawaiian rug are very saturated – I love the richness of the orange against the blue. Provides an added dimension of depth.

(Image via http://pinterest.com/pin/278308451942153023/)

Whilst not functional (unless you have a face the size of an oompa loompa) – the radial mirror adds a focal point in this orange & blue scheme. The white couch neutralises the boldness of colours. Love the arrangement of pillows too!

(Image via Imaginedesignblog)

Orange & blue can also work nicely against a dark wall & used as accents. The colours uplift the darkness space and inject a sense of strength and vigour. I also like the oriental theme that has been used here.

(Image via CristinaMeller)

Orange and blue combined together alone can be a bit too bold. By adding in black you risk, creating a halloween haunted house. However, I think adding in white can create a very modern, unique look. The white fireplace here works really well with the gorgeous orange daybed.

(Image via Pinterest)

The perfect image to end my fascination with Orange & Blue. Gorgeously arranged and styled. I would love to drink tea out of this set. For some reason the image takes me to Morocco. The fiery orange offset by the deep blue. Love it.

(Image via Mokum)