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I met Sibella Court today!!

Today was a truly inspiring day!
I had the pleasure of meeting Sibella Court.
If you haven’t heard of her…google her…she is probably the best known interior stylist in Australia. Sibella Court owns the shop The Society Inc, she’s written two hugely popular books (Etcetera in 2010 and The Stylist’s Guide to NYC in May this year) and she’s about to release a third
(Image via Design Sponge)
I can’t wait for my ‘crafternoon’…I’m hosting one  this long weekend with my artist friend!
I visited her at her Shop Society Inc.in Paddington. Despite the fact that I am missing my ‘directions’ part of my brain (no, seriously…I am), it was very easy to miss. The shop is a 1860’s terrace, tucked away in suburban backstreets blending right into the terrace houses surrounding it. It was not until I got the front door that I realised how magical this place really was. I rang the small bell and it literally felt like I walked into a dream-like wonderland…
Vintage, ethnic, industrial, organic bits and bobs filled the space. Shells, lamps, stamps, textiles, vases, flowers….everything you can imagine.  Immediately, I experiences sensory overload – my eyes just could not take it all in…
I was directed by Hannah (Sibella’s assistant) to walk up the stairs…it took me a while to register that she was talking to me,…as I couldn’t stop looking around. I walked up the creaky wooden stairs –
I chatted to Sibella about her journey. Her travels. Her life in New York. Her nomadic tendencies. Her future plans (one of which is to build an island). Sibella works with Merivale Group, designs for Anthropologie, writes books, concepts perfumes and more.
She is honestly amazing and has a distinct presence – she seems very ‘together’. I can’t really describe it.
The place was very cluttered.  personally, would find it very overwhelming to work there. But somehow, in some magical way, it felt like beautiful chaos.
I believe every object has a story to tell. Every object holds a memory. Every object has the power to stand alone – no matter how small and insignificant.
I have been truly inspired today. I want to bottle this inspiration and impart it on my own creations. Walking into The Society Inc – was like turning a key to my imagination.