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Don’t diss the sidewalk…

One part of my day job is to manage the Habitusliving social media (including the facebook page) – ( I encourage you all to ‘like’ the page!).

One recent success was sharing the amazing street by Edgar Mueller. He is a world-famous street painter,

Upon uploading his image to our habitusliving facebook page we got 310 SHARES and 420 likes in less than 3 days. A lot of cynical viewers argued that it had been photoshopped. I guarantee you it hasn’t been.

Street Chalk art – it’s one of those things you just can’t stop looking at. Its an optical illusion – your mind turns circles as you attempt to rationalise and make sense of the image in it context.

No words can do it justice. I am yet to see one in real life – its on my bucket list!

I invite you to become immersed in the world of street chalk art….

(Image via weburbanist)


(Image via weburbanist)

(Image via weburbanist)

(Image via Visual Fun House)

Image via Hongkiat)



(Image via Hongkiat)

What do you think?! Isn’t it cool!

N x