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Swing it sista…

I embraced my inner child yesterday and went on a swing set in the park. I giggled like a 10 year old girl as my friends pushed me from behind. Butterflies in my stomach as I went higher and higher. No matter how old I am – I don’t think I will ever ‘get over’ the rush of being on a swing. Total adrenalin rush…

Swings have always held a special spot in my heart. As a child, my grandmother (just 5ft) and I would sit on her swing – It is one of my fondest memories of her. Both our legs would not touch the ground. We would sit there for hours on end…just chatting about life. Finding total comfort and contentment elevated by the consistent backward and forward motion.

Indoor swings are very popular in the Indian household (will save that for another post this week)

Recently, I have seen a trend with many households embracing the indoor swing.

Following on from my last post – I am in firm belief that there are not enough elements of ‘fun’ integrated into the modern home. With the increase of technology our lives are getting increasingly chaotic – we are bombarded with stimulus and driven by immediacy. Indoor swings add a sense of dynancism. They inject movement and energy into the space.

Indoor swings look amazing in loft apartments – with high ceilings.

(Image via Pinterest)

How much fun does this look? I want a go!

(Image via Thatsoador)

(Image via Hip Hostess)

(Image via

A bead swing – innovative and love the shape/form.

(Image via Blogs Babble)

This swing seems a little out of place – still it adds visual interest.

(Image via Blogs Babble)

(Image via sea of giraffes)

Love the indoor swing teamed with ethnic style…

(Image via sea of giraffes)


(Image via Ouno Design)

Stay tuned – this week I will do a round up of some beautiful traditional Indian swings…

Indoor swings – a little unrealistic for me (cant just image smashing into a window…), I love the whimsical, romantic feeling they can create…not too mention total 100% FUN.

Have a great Sunday night.

N x