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Played soccer today – Splendour in the Grass!

Played soccer today. Not going to lie – I am not the best of players. I try hard. I run hard. But, I just need to learn some ball control…

The best thing I have got going for me…is that I semi-resemble the indian chick from ‘Bend it Like Beckham’…

I got knocked face first into the grass today. Upon getting up, instead of thinking about my next move…my mind wandered to the various ways grass can be used in design…maybe, that is why my ‘game’ is not the best.

Distracted by design – even whilst playing soccer…

(Image via The Design Post)

(Image via Epic Things)

(Image via Tumblr)

Technically a weed- but cool idea.

(Image via Tumblr)

(Image via Jandou)

Grass knuckles. awesome.

(Image via Grass Tumbr)

Anyways..off to wash the grass stains from my socks.

Read this – Before you have your coffee today….

I love the ritual of consuming coffee – for me, its synonymously tied with getting ‘ready’ for the task/day ahead. I love the way the smell of coffee consumes you – momentarily your mind goes blank as you crave to transform the smell into the first taste. I love reading the newspaper headlines whilst waiting for my coffee to be made. I love drinking out of the takeway cup and holding the hot cup it as I walk back to the office.

Admittedly, when I was 16 worked at Gloria Jeans. Even though at the time I did not drink coffee, I became an accredited barista. I was not any good. I actually sucked. I now realise that making coffee is an art form – like every type of art, a deep passion must reside. Those who make coffee, must love it.

Whether you are a lover, addict, admirer or hater of coffee you can’t help but be inspired by the amazing coffee-inspired design below….

Coffee is no longer limited to filtering hot water through, or used to throw off drug-sniffing dogs, London-based industrial design firm Re-worked has used them to create Çurface.

Using 30% used coffee grounds, and 70% High Impact Polysterene, the materials are welded together for use on table tops, chairs, counter tops and stools. Now all we need is a coffee table book about coffee tables, to put on the coffee table made of coffee.

(Images via Foodigity)

[via oculoid]

At first glance these coffee cups might appear to be painted ceramic or glass. However, these works by Cheeming Boey are simply a black pen applied to an earth-hating styrofoam cup.

In case you were wondering, there is a collection of these available at Etsy and range from $140.00-$540.00

(Via  Foodigity)

How cool is this?

Coffee rings are usually nothing more than a permanent reminder that you don’t own a coaster. But hand a coffee cup to Malaysian artist Hong Yiaka Red, and you get art. Taking 12 hours to complete, Red deliberately applied coffee rings to canvas, creating a portrait of Taiwanese musician Jay Chou. I don’t have the patience, but would love to create one of these….

Hope you enjoyed.