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Gone Glamping. {Glamourous-Camping}

I learnt a new word today: Glamping (It is a strange sounding word which essentially means the joining of both glamour + camping. Glamourous Camping).

Nature has alway been a source of inspiration for me. As a child I would come home from school with pockets full of acorns, sticks and flowers, making ‘sculptures’ and homemade ‘potpourri’. I still love a good bushwalk and taking photos of beautiful scenery…however, I’m realising my love for nature stays at a distance….

Admittedly, as much as I would love to love camping…I just don’t.

I’m no princess by any means, but I’m just not a ‘happy’ camper. I don’t really find sitting in the bush for endless hours engaging. I also don’t like replacing a swim in the river for a shower. Or leeches. Or dirt encrusted damper.

However….glamping, I can do!

Today I have been inspired by glamping – its a growing trend, get amongst it!

Trust the Indian’s to create such goregous tents (ok, I am biased…but come on it is obviously stunning!). This one is in Ranthambore National Park. I have been lucky enough to see one of these when I was travelling through Rajasthan (unfortunately was a little out of my budget). Although I am sure there would be no ‘rain leakage’ or ‘smelly sleeping bags here’…pure luxury!

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Glamping in the snow, in an amazing Igloo design tent – book me in anyday!

(Image via Desire to Inspire)

Inside the snow tent – simplicity. authenticity. honesty. It has all the basic necessities and comforts, but is whole heartedly connected to the raw nature that lays outside its boundaries. This is my idea of what makes the best 2 person tent, I also think the lack of bugs helps..

(Image via Desire to Inspire)

(Image via The Decorologist)

Love the warm lighting – makes it seem so cozy…juxtaposed with an isolated external environment.

(Image via IheartIwishIlove)


Circus. Circus. I would love to set up one like this in my back garden.

(Image via (Image via IheartIwishIlove)

Tee-Pee Inspiration. I love the high, high ceiling on this one. I think I love the rug even more. The contrast of the light white against the blue patterned rug is phenomenal.

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Welcome to the future of glamping – Who says Glamping needs to be rustic & about drawing inspiration from the ‘good old days’? Whilst this modern take on glamping is admittedly a little to suffocating for my liking & immediately evokes images of the ‘bubble boy’ – I think it is an innovative design and is essentially shifting that paradigm of having to be at ‘one’ with nature -instead with its sheer colour contrast and explicit use of man-made materials it pushes the boundaries by visually challenging the  environment that surrounds it…

(Image Apartment Therapy)

Back in 5 mins. Gone Glamping.