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Distracted by Design – Total Time Suckers.

Disclaimer: By accepting to read this you agree that I bare no responsibility for wasting your time.

Time Suckers. Minutes, turn into hours. Hours turn into days. OK..maybe it hasn’t gone that far…. yet – but there are three things which have been ‘stealing’ my time recently:

1. Pinterest – Not going to lie, when I get a notification that some has ‘repinned’ one of my pins- I can’t help but smile…For a split microsecond, I just feel….well…”cooler”. A stranger has just validated by ‘cool factor’ – It makes my heart swell with pride.

2. Etsy – I am addicted to trawling this site, looking at exquisite handmade arts and crafts. Admittedly, I do find  my inner voice repeatedly saying  “Oh, I can make that!” Honest truth – I’ll never make it. I can;t make it. I’d prefer to pay $15 for someone else to make it.

3. The Iconic – Every shoppers dream. I’ve never been one to ‘shop’. I don’t like the artificial lighting, and the jazz music that is played in shopping malls. Shopping for me is not a leisure time activity – it stresses me out. However…internet shopping is completely different. The Iconic seem to be advertising EVERYWHERE. Seriously every site I go on…there is a banner ad for it. Yes, I got sucked in –  big time. Ended up buying 3 pairs of shoes…unnecessarily.

After the weekend, a 4th site has to be added to my list. I discovered it 2 days ago and it literally ate up my weekend – when I wasn’t eating yum cha or playing soccer…I was on this:


Go on it ….I dare you.

Its a ‘moodboard’ program – where you can choose real objects and create a theme board for anything you like.

My assignment for my module “Apply Product Knowledge” was to choose a style & moodboard based on the provided brief (a swedish expat couple, both of which are graphic designers and worked in Tokyo have moved here and want to decorate their room – see below).


Soo…I went with a Minimalist Modern theme – which draws upon a mix of  Japanese & Danish culture. It’s not that great…but I really want to do a Tribal mood board (I’ve always been obsessed with tribal prints – will save that for another post!). Creating moodboards is so therapeutic & creates a great sense of satisfaction and achievement once complete – give it a go!



Moodboards…they just put me in a good mood.

Happy Sunday night!




Anyways, apologies for the brief post – I can’t drag my eyes away from Olioboard – love, love, love.