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My sister…a ‘global’ battler.

She is the youngest of 3 girls. She is the baby. She is completely loveable. She has everyone (especially my dad wrapped around her little finger). She is intelligent – and is very perceptive of the world around her (something which I completely lack).

However….in the last 3 months..she has been a bit of a battler!

After being accepted to study in Spain for 6 months, you think one of the first things she would do would be to organise her Spanish visa. Wrong! She apparently ‘forgot’ to do it. Before you knew it – it had turned into a family debacle….she was too late and could not get her visa before leaving on Contiki…..

There were tears & tantrums…my myself, my mum and even the Spanish embassy consultant (she was a COW).

Long story short – She went on Contiki for 5 weeks and had to come ALL THE WAY back to Australia for 3 days (to pick up her visa)…and then leave again to go back to Spain.

So my baby sister arrived on Thursday for 3 days & we dropped her back to the airport this morning…it’s been a long emotional journey, but she is finally on her way to Spain!

Visiting the airport and with her travels in mind, I was inspired to explore the way maps can be integrated into a space, from a purely aesthetic perspective.

(Image via From the-design-ark.com)

(Image via dearblackbow.blogspot.com)

(Image via From achicaliving.com)

(Image via From nauticalcottageblog.com)

(Image via From centsationalgirl.com)

From gemgirlart.com


(Image via minteriors.tumblr.com)

From smileandwave.typepad.com

(Image via From tumblr.com)

(Image via  thehandmadehome.ne)

She came back on Thursday & we dropped her back at the airport this morning. Her hand luggage was too heavy…so she had to wear 3 jackets on the plane. Yes…she looked like a complete ‘battler’.

We love her & will miss her so much!

N x


My legs get cold too..

My new obsession – knitted table socks.

With the weather getting notably cooler, who says a table’s legs don’t get cold! Such a cute way to add a bit of colour in any room…

(Images via Decor8)

Cute knitted socks – a perfect addition to this Scandinavian-styled nook.

Fluro pink. Table socks are so hot right now!

(Image via Jorg Boner) –> Click on Jorg’s link & check out the website – Whilst it is simply design, it is very inviting and a definite source of inspiration.


The preppy look! How can you not love these?!

(Image via Sleek Identity)

And for some other knitted inspiration….

Knitted Eames wire chair – such a good way to add a bit of personality and customisation into your space – A new colour for a new season…just knit away!

(Image via Lushlee)

Absolutely crazy for these knitted stoolsby designer  Claire‐Anne O’Brien . They exude warmth with their tactile texture…you just want to stroke them! Clair has placed the knitted stitch, under the magnifying glass by making them BIG. I love the unique finish on them, resembling some sort of lifeform (I can almost feel them breathing…). The mustard yellow one is my favourite.

(Image via  Claire‐Anne O’Brien )

Couldn’t resist sharing this one from Claire O’Brien….A chairweater (Chair Sweater)…ok, I made that up – it’s just so irresistibly cute!

(Image via  Claire‐Anne O’Brien )

I just added the below image, because I think it is divine. That chair is just asking to be sat in, with a hot milo!

(Images via Decor8)

I think another round up of knitted objects is in order (watch this space)…Who said knitting is reserved for baby bonnets and grandma sweaters –  it adds colour, texture and most importantly a sense of interest in any room!