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My mum…the artist.

Yes, my blog does seem to be overtaken by my family this week. First my grandfather…and now my mum.

As most of you probably know by now – my mum is a crazy artist. Crazy being the key word (Click here to hear more about how crazy she really is…. post)

I just wanted to share, how incredibly proud I am of her this week. Despite, some personal set backs this year she somehow managed to have an art exhibition!

The opening was on Wednesday night & if you are in Sydney, I definitley recommend you check it out (open until 28th Jul 2012 @ Lane Cover Gallery, Longiville Road Lane Cove)

I’ve attended a lot of my mum’s art exhibitions, but I can honestly say this one was the best yet. It is as if she has harnessed all her confusion, grief, happiness and passion into this new body of work.

Whilst in pervious years her style (as per below) focused on the abstract shape and form of indian vessels, her new work has definite tribal and spiritual undertones. She experiments with texture, colour and subtle lines to create suggestive human figures. Upon looking at these works you experience an unavoidable emotional response. Despite these figures possessing no realistic human traits, you can’t help buy fully immerse yourself in their world – some of the figures you feel like dancing with, others you feel like reassuring them…

For some reason, these new works deeply resonate with me – perhaps because I have been witness to mum’s own personal journey over the last year.

I love watching people look at artwork. It’s an expression of art in itself. A raised eyebrow. A small smirk. A furrowed forehead. All signs and gestures of emotional response.

When ‘people watching’ at Mum’s art opening – I found a common thread. People froze. Their faces went blank. They stopped talking to the person beside them. They stopped sipping their red wine. It was if they were under a trance. Their minds captured and held at ransom. The only release was….to look away.


Ok, so many of you probably think I am just ‘talking it up’, because she is my mum.

Mum’s older style work!

My favourite work



Proud of you mum!