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Indians lack buoyancy – Cool Pool Inspiration.

A scientific paper proving that Indian’s lack buoyancy in water must exist- if not, then one should definitley be written.

Yes, I am guilty of generalising, but I’m yet to meet an Indian who is a very strong swimmer (If you an excellent Indian swimmer and reading this – I apologise and congratulate you…). Our physic doesn’t help us – brown chicken legs and an abnormal amount of bodily hair – not good for ‘gliding’ through water.  Also…not helping our case is  our belly (more often than not) is filled with a heavy substance (ie. some sort of curry or milky chai).

Despite that all odds are against me, lately (with a bung leg) I have taken my chicken legs to the pool, in an attempt to swim some laps. Admittedly I have had a few hiccups – After being hit in the head, I got cursed at for not ‘staying in my lane’ and developing a nasty bruise on the bridge of my noise…realising I had been wearing my goggles upside-down (yes, it is possible).

Surprisingly, I find it quite meditative. There is something about submerging your body in water….you are literally weightless, a sense of calmness descends upon you…as you swim its just you and your breathe…

So that led me onto thinking about what kind of cool designed pools must exist out there – here is what I found…

(image via MIssouri Home)

How cool is this?!

(Images via Tumblr)

Glass bottom pool…slightly creepy – but cool.

(Image via Techeblog)

Swimming on top of the city – A sensational infinity pool 57 stories up in Singapore.

(Images via National Geographic)


Infinity and beyond – Infinity pool in Ubad, Bali. Picture perfect.

(Image via Flickr)

(Image via Tumblr)

Balconies as pools – such a great use of space. Although, you wouldn’t want to be scared of heights! Want to have a dip? Its located in Mumbai at the Aquaria Grande – a 37-story residential skyscraper.

(Images via Gizmodo)

Wow – so easy to get carried away, just so many inspirational designs out there….