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White Modern Living.

I came across these pieces when researching for my Modern Organic moodboard…..

(Image from toxel.com)

Love this tree branc inspired oak veneer bookshelf created by talented design Oliver Dolle. It may not be totally functional (ie. with limited book storage) but I love its simplicity and the lines it would add to a modern living area. Would be great for a photo album display!

(Image from Style-Files)

Light wooden shelving against pure white backdrop. Simple. Clean. Modern. Natural. This interior presents a whimsical aspect – reminds me of eating light, fluffy fairy floss. It is the work of genius finnish stylist Susanna Vento.

(Image via homebuildanddesign)

Swedish living room interior with a stylish design.  Whilst it maintains stark white walls & furniture- this room gives a sense of being very cosy.  It emanates warmth. I can definitely imagine myself sitting and chatting with my girlfriends for countless hours in here!