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yellow interiors

YES, I drive….a yellow car.

OK, I promise this will be my last post on NYC. Plunged into the routine of daily life, my adventure in the big apple is now a distant memory. Thank god, for Jay Z and re-runs of Sex and The City …they will keep the dream alive!

Upon exiting JFK airport the first thing I saw was a yellow taxi. I grinned to myself like an idiot. I love NYC taxi’s. For me, they are the perfect cultural icon. They simultaneously represent the efficiency and capitalism of American society. They are ubiquitous beacons that brighten up the monotonous NYC grey palette.

Ok fine, the real reason I love yellow cabs is….

Because I have driven a yellow car for 6 years.

I feel like I have a deep-seeded bond towards yellow cars…and cabs. And ugly cars.

It was not by choice. It was originally a family car, which I now  call my own. My abstract artist mother decided that “we need some colour in our lives”. My chartered accountant father argued that the “resale value of a yellow car is will not be high”. Mum won.

I am NOT complaining – I know I am blessed to even have a car.

BUT it hurts…

When I heard my friends dad call out “Who’s mustard coloured car is parked on our driveway?” and then proceeding to roar with laughter.

When my friends yell “TAXXXIIIII” before they hop in for a lift.

When I see that the only other people driving Yellow Honda Jazz’s are 80 year old grandmas.

When I hear kids yelling “Spotto” (a game kids/some adults play, where you yell ‘spotto’ when spotting a yellow car).

Like blue cheese, I have grown to love my little ray of yellow sunshine. We have shared some great times together….and some not so great times. Including:

The time when I smashed the back windscreen in the management car park – to my defence the column of yellow and I actually thought it was an extension of my car (Bonus: I had instantly transformed by car into a ‘convertible’)

The time my car got keyed in ‘da 2076 hood’…what a bunch of losers.

The time my car got egged.

The time my number plates got removed and then were wedged in the arms of my windscreen wipers.

The time  I had to drive with a giant inflatable yellow crumpet-man (I was working for Tip Top at the time) on the passenger seat, whilst  wearing a yellow dress. Awkward and highly embarrassing.

WHATEVS….but you know what?!!!

I never lose my car in the car park.

Studies reveal, that yellow cars are least likely to get stolen.

Other research studies also reveal that yellow is the safest colour by far.

It reflects my bright and bubbly personality (jokes. ok, fine, i just needed to think of another reason….)

nikita sheth

Putting aside my partiality, yellow is a great colour to integrate into architecture and interiors.  From bright hues to subtle shades, yellow can be leveraged in a myriad of ways. Yellow can be used to inject warmth into a space or to leverage the sun light to open up a space. It is a cheerful and inviting. From a colour psychology perspective, yellow fosters happiness, confidence and optimism.  It is also believed that yellow attracts good luck and health. Personally, I love it when yellow is used with natural materials such as wood or stone.

Here is a round up of some of my favourite uses of the colour yellow..hope they brighten up your day a little!

yellow interiors

I love this! Yellow against grey – my favourite.

(Image via lisannevandeklift.blogspot.nl)

yellow interiors

(Image via clairepotterdesign.com)

yellow interiors

Yellow has a place in architecture – against the blue sky, the yellow really pops.

(Image via lisannevandeklift.blogspot.nl)

yellow interiors

Neon yellow & wood. Delicious.

(Image via  hegeinfrance.blogspot.fr)

yellow interiors

This is quite ‘out there’….not sure if I would personally do this, but it does work nicely – especially with the greenery outside.

(Image via archilovers.com)

yellow interior

Such a vibrant yellow wall – how can you feel down when staring at this?!

(Image via  arkpad.com.br)

yellow interior

Simplicity. Clean lines. Gorgeous.

(Image via  thedesignfiles.net)

yellow architecture

(Image via Tumblr)

It will be a sad day when I have to say goodbye to my banana-boat…except its a car.

OK, I’m off – Happy Sunday night

N x