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SInce when did interior spaces become so serious? There is so much focus these days on immaculate styling, impeccable co-ordination of colours and objects.

I couldn’t resist sharing this Tokyo house by Japanese studio Naf Architect & Design. It has a climbing wall and ladders, in case the owners get bored of using the stairs!

In this Japanese apartment, someone can literally drive you up the wall!

I believe your home should spark inspiration and encourage a sense of innocent playfulness. I don’t think we interact enough with the space in our homes. We sit on the couch, aimlessly walk up the stairs- we move around our most personal spaces, impersonally. I like this climbing wall as it forces conscious engagement and emotional connection to the space.

You wouldn’t want to have ‘one too many drinks’ in this house though as the ladders and staircases  connect the two floors, which together accommodate bedrooms and living spaces for a family of four.

(Images via Dezeen)

Is your partner driving you up the walls? Maybe time to create your own climbing wall!

Happy Friday