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I am always sharing things which I love  or inspire me. However, today I am changing it up. I  want to share an increasing design trend which I can not stand.

My interior design diploma has taught me to remain open to appreciate different types of design styles and home furnishings that may not be necessarily aligned with my personal taste.  It is essentially individual aesthetic and taste that prompts the exploration and eventual creation of innovative design styles.

Without challenging the norm…design would not exist. Our spaces would remain greige and drab. Through taking risk with colours, patterns and textures it enables creative individuals to create new realities – from which other’s can adapt, personalise or copy.

Animal print, heavy diamond chandliers and polka dots are definitely not my ‘thang’ – BUT,  I do try and accept them as they can utilised in various spaces to create a certain mood or aspect.

However………….there is one ‘trend’ which I keep seeing more and more of that I really detest.


Call me ignorant or close-minded and whilst I am not devout animal activist nor do I judge or condemn others for embracing the world of taxidermy and filling walls with animal heads or skeletons…I guess, I personally have never really understood or found aesthetic beauty in displaying such things (Note: I do realise that, historically, such displays were used to leverage ones status and ‘hunting’ability).

It just makes me feel like I am in a zoo….except everything is without a body….and dead.

Fake, real, DIY, artistic….

It  does not matter…it just creeps me out.

Below are some images, admittedly they are quite beautiful and inspiring – just not for me.


deer antler on wall design

(Image via emmas.blogg.se)

antler on wall

(Image via i-cdn.apartmenttherapy.com)

antler on wall design

(Image via emilyaclark.blogspot.com)

Antlers on wall interior design

(Image via raggedglory.tumblr.com)

Deer antler on wall

(Image via japanesetrash.com)


antlers on wall


I think I secretly like the way these antlers have been used…

(Image via emmas.blogg.se)

deer antler on wall


extreme taxidermy

My worst nightmare

(Image via thestwrd.com)

So there you have it – Antler Chic – something which I am a little hesitant to embrace!

Ok, I am off to go to a ‘Tiki Party’ on a beach…surely, I will report back with my thoughts on ‘Tiki’ design.

N x