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No matter if I light scented candles, or softly play the Enya CD on repeat  or fill the bath with passionfruit-mango-sorbet bubbles….I just can’t relax. To me baths make no sense…how can lying in a tub of dirty warm water be relaxing?


Since I was a small child, I have not been a fan of baths. Deep down on a subconcious level, I probably associate baths with my childhood bathtime routine – sharing a small tub with 2 younger sisters, I was always awkwardly placed closest to the tap .…’the hot end’, straining my neck on a weird angle to avoid being hit by the metal tap. I am 100% sure they both had ‘accidents’ in there (more often than not) – which means that I pretty much bathing in their piss. Gross. Not cool.



Despite my aversion to bath’s – I spontaneously decided to have a bath last Sunday night. Excitedly I got out my candles, created a ‘nix mix- bathtime’ playlist and bought some lavender bubbles. I actually quite enjoyed myself as I very sunk into the warm water. Initially, I tried reading the Sunday newspaper. I failed miserably. After 2 minutes flat I submerged it like the Titantic. Turning it into a paper-mache blob. However, I didn’t let this affect my morale, instead I just closed my eyes & tried to relax…..
Admittedly, I really enjoyed the whole experience…..UNTIL….I ATTEMPTED TO GET OUT….
Upon getting out, I noticed a dark brown floating mysterious object.…..I PICKED IT UP.……
I had just shared my bath with a dead cockroach.
My mind jumped to the possibility of it laying eggs in my ears. I felt so dirty. I don’t think I have ever scrubbed myself so clean. It still makes my stomach churn. It had not been there when I filled the bath up…it must have floated out of the drain.
In an attempt to forget the whole situation, I  distracted myself….by design. To try to remain positive about baths, I searched for the most beautiful bathtubs I could find…

(Image via Pinterest)

My dream bathtub…surrounded by (design) books!

(Image via Piccsy)

(Image via SheAchive)

(Image via Viva Fullhouse)

(Image via Style Files)

 (Image via livinginside)

(Image via Frisk Style)

Simple. Modern. Clean line. Ceramic against timber floors – what is not to love?!

(Image via Housetohome)

Ok, I’m off to cook some dinner & have a……SHOWER! (No more baths for me!).