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Every time. Without Fail. It screws with my head. I just don’t understand the whole turning your clock backward an hour..or forward an hour…where does that hour actually go? Yes, I know I sound very dumb…but It literally sends my mind into a spin – everytime.

My dad collects clocks -in fact he has created a ‘clock room’ (aka man cave). It has become a symbolic code in our house… when my sisters & I invite a boy home to introduce to our parents, we know he has ‘made it’ when dad invites him into the ‘clock room’. I’ve been surrounded by a myriad of clocks my entire life, they are more than just time telling instruments to me.

Whether we like it or not, tiime ultimately controls our lives. Clocks and watches – we look at them everyday. Whether it by via your iphone, wall clock or wrist watch – it fulfils the same function. With the increase in technology, many people are viewing the time digitally – who knows in the future, maybe telling the time in analog form will be a skill.

What fascinates me, is the way time can be displayed in a way other than via hands or via a digital display  – Whilst they make take a little longer to decipher the time, check out some of these  inspiring designs..

Color wheels not only give the time but also an aesthetic means of diversion. WOuld you start thinking of time in terms of colour?

(Image via Home-Designing)

(Image via Home-Designing)

Check out, this amazing clock designed by Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger of Studio Ve from Israel. The two hands are linked by striped paper & create amazing shapes as time goes by. Who says telling the time has to be 2D – I love the 3D depths and dimension this design offers. That being said, even if it did’t tell the time – it would be a great piece on the wall!

(Image via Dezeen)

This design by Sujeen Kim, is appropriately called The Vague Clock – as the time can only be ‘read’. by being felt! Dezeen magazine suggests that the “Vague Clock obscures one’s reading of the minute and hour hands to relieve the feeling of having to chase time.”- Whilst this is a brillant design – I think I would get rather fustrated….mostly because I dont have the ‘time’ to feel a clock…Ironic isn’t it!

(Image via Dezeen)


(Image via Dezeen)

I saved the best till last….I love, love, love Nooka Watches (Honestly, check out their website here – total watch porn..)



Nooka is a New York based design company founded by artist and designer Matthew Waldman.  Nooka is  famously known for its line of innovative and unique digital wristwatches which take the concept of telling time into an entirely new realm.  Dots, dashes, lines…yes, it may take an extra second or two to tell the time – but so worth it!

(Images via Nooka)

So there you have it…telling the time, doesn’t have to be a boring, automatic task – instead it can be engaging and a bit of a brain teaser!