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Despite, my intense love for furniture being my key motivation to enrol in the Diploma of Interior Design/ Decoration…I am admittedly a bit naive when it comes to ‘technical terms’ for furniture.  get pure enjoyment in seeing innovative furniture designs – analysing the way they solve ergonomic problems and integrate aesthetics with functionality.

My current module is ‘Design Furniture’ – our task: to design a piece of furniture that addresses the client brief (must be used in a commercial art gallery space, must be sustainable and flat packed).

One of the options was to design a ‘credenza’.

A credenza? In all honestly, to me credenza sounded like a type of spanish waltz or italian pasta….little did I know these low cabinets that I have always loved…was actually called a ‘credenza’.

Sooo..I decided to explore this further & create my own (see some of my workings/ final renderings below).




Upon my research, I came across these beauties….

(Image via desiretoinspire.net)

Love the dark timber against the grey wall – with small pops of yellow!!

(Image via CB2)

This one is a little to ‘boxy’ for my liking, however love the way it has been used to display a vintage globe, camera and signs – very mid-century modern!

(Image via Trendey)

Don’t know what I love more….the rug? the wall clock? or the sidetable? They all tie in so seamlessly.

(Image via Lily)

Timber against timber floor boards – stunning. Also love the styling of the images that gently rest upon it.

(Image via French By Design)

On a side note – it is a long weekend in Sydney and it is the wettest day in June since 2007. I am about to head out & enjoy a lovely ‘crafternoon’ with a friend…for me, rainy weather = the perfect weather to create!

Happy Monday!

N x